Meet Inna, Global Director Business Development at NACO

For already 6 years, Inna has been working for NACO with pleasure. Client relationship management, business development and sales are her forte. At NACO, international client accounts are managed by regional managers working in Latin America, MENA, Africa, Asia Pacific, the Kingdom of the Netherlands and Europe. Inna is in charge of the aviation business development strategy and focuses on alignment with market and client needs. But also in organizing, assisting and guiding the teams in LATAM and APAC to unleash their full potential. Curious what it is exactly about her job at NACO that makes her very happy to work here? Then keep on reading!
Inna Ratieva

When we implement a project, we always help each other but also discuss fiercely about how to get the best for our client.

Inna RatievaGlobal Director Business Development at NACO

Adding softer commercial skills to structured and systematic technical expertise

“Essentially, in my role, I have a diverse set of activities connected to client relations. For example, I map out client relationships and I help organising the whole team in different continents on how to be commercially strong. Teams consist of subject matter experts such as architects and civil/aeronautical engineers. I inspire and coach them to get more commercially savvy for example. To do that, they need to be well informed and understand the broader environment in which our clients operate and link it to the potential products and services our company offers. We have regular market sessions where we gauge the relevance of our market proposition to regional clients on both public and private side. But also, they learn how to be a good listener when with a client, how to approach a topic and how to effectively close client encounter so that a possible business opportunity arises. Even if no commercial lead is generated the cheer fact of discussing client’s daily challenges is a precious contact moment.”

Sustainability and multidisciplinary work

“Our priority at business development is to inspire our team to position NACO as a long-term strategic partner. In addition to their skills as technical consultants, we help our colleagues open up to the broader challenges of the world of civil aviation today. For example, the aviation industry has adopted the goal of reaching net-zero carbon emissions by 2050. It is important to understand and explain how we help our clients accelerate transition to more sustainable airport operations, or why we are driving Electric Flying roadmap with governments and private investors, although we are not an airline.

Many projects we implement at NACO are multidisciplinary and involve a broad array of stakeholders, shareholders and sometimes even the minister or the prime minister because the airport is the business card of the country. Such occasions give us the opportunity to promote and engage on high governmental level and promote sustainable and resilient airport management and operations. But at the bottom there is always our core airport infrastructure technical expertise across the whole lifecycle. That is how the market knows us already for more than 70 years – the preferred diligent airport planning, design, and engineering consultant.”

Inspirational and challenging every day

“I get inspired on a daily basis and I learn a lot about my colleagues, the projects and doing business in different cultures. This lets me grow as an individual! I also appreciate our strong teamwork. When we implement a project, we always help each other but also discuss fiercely about how to get the best for our client. We are a tight multi-cultural, inclusive and social team that has your back. On the other side, if you have seen one airport, you have just seen one airport. That means every client is totally different and different perspectives are needed each time. That makes every project and contract challenging and very interesting. Also, the team composition and teamwork has different dynamics in every project. Overall, everyone is very passionate about what they do and that is the best part. Together with the sense of unity and trust, my job is very diverse and rewarding!”

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