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Climate Stress Testing whitepaperWhitepaper

Climate Stress Testing

An in-depth look at the regulations and opportunities facing European banks and insurers as they demonstrate their resilience to climate change through scenario modelling exercises involving planning and stress testing.

Now or Never for Financial Services whitepaperWhitepaper

Now or Never for Financial Services

When it comes to climate risk, a one-size-fits-all approach rarely works. We guide you on where to begin in your journey towards managing climate risk, and protecting your organisation's assets and operations.

Tackling Climate Risk whitepaperWhitepaper

Tackling Climate Risk

We examine the issues facing organisations as they look to employ climate data and advanced technology to understand the impact of climate change on their portfolios of physical assets. We reveal the results of our analysis of 10 lender portfolios to assess the scale of the problem for lenders.

Simplifying Complexity whitepaperWhitepaper

Digital Twin: Simplifying Complexity

Digital twins are virtual representations of physical assets, processes, or systems that can help you optimize performance, reduce costs, and improve customer satisfaction. Learn how to get started with this practical overview.

Twinn white paper frontWhitepaper

Aqua Suite: Predictive control

By predicting flows and optimising processes, predictive process control delivers an integrated solution for the whole catchment. Learn how to reduce energy consumption and increase the efficiency of wastewater treatment.

Digital transformation of offshore wind consent managementWhitepaper

Digital transformation of offshore wind consent management

Discover how to improve your environmental consent process from site selection to commission of offshore wind farms, based on collaborative research with environmental and engineering experts

frontpage Aqua Suite white paper virtual operatorWhitepaper

Aqua Suite - Virtual operator

Learn how the virtual operator controls the performance of the entire water cycle based on sensor-generated data combined with consumption and weather forecasts.

Twinn whitepaper cover Whitepaper

Aqua Suite - Sludge treatment

Learn how to reduce the operational burden of sludge transport, dewatering and PE consumption with automation of the sludge disposal process and treatment optimisation.

Frontpage whitepaper preventing fatbergs aqua suiteWhitepaper

Aqua Suite - Preventing Fatbergs

This whitepaper explores the use of predictive monitoring in preventing fatbergs by foreseeing potential sewer blockages.

Frontpage whitepaper using AI to reduce leaks aqua suiteWhitepaper

Aqua Suite - AI to reduce leaks

Discover how AI detects water leaks, minimising loss by predicting demand, analysing data, and locating leaks promptly.

Frontpage whitepaper data security aqua suiteWhitepaper

Aqua Suite - How to keep your water data secure

The Twinn Aqua Suite virtual operator analyses historical and real-time data, ensuring efficient day-to-day operations while addressing security threats.