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We help ports, terminal operators and logistics companies make more informed decisions that boost safety, increase operational uptime and drive digitalisation.

A cargo ship moored by the quayside, with a digital overlay of a dashboard for smart mooring software

How do you use data, software and engineering knowledge to increase operational windows? Is there an unsafe situation on the horizon? What investments will boost efficiency?

Twinn helps answer these strategic and operational questions. Our digital twin solutions make use of data flows from across port and logistics operations – such as predictive metocean conditions, real-time shore data, shipborne Automatic Identification Systems (AIS) and other asset data – so you get actionable insights.

With Twinn, you can simulate the behaviour of vessels and their interaction with port assets. You can practical decision support for operations. And you cantake an evidence-based approach to new tech deployments, safety enhancements and more.

Importantly, Twinn is backed by the world’s largest team of maritime engineering and port safety consultants with a 140-year heritage in the industry. That way, you know you’re working with solutions steeped in a deep understanding of processes of marine health and safety, operations and technology.

What you can do with Twinn


Vessel and asset performance in any weather
  • Get actionable insights on when it’s safe to bring vessels in, how long a vessel is safe at berth and when it needs to depart due to upcoming adverse weather
  • Immediately see which berths are safe, critical or unsafe with Twinn’s live port overview


Unsafe and inoperable situations for people and vessels

Use Twinn’s historical data analytics and prediction simulation to view and evaluate mooring line, fender and bollard forces and ship motions days in advance, so you can assess risk levels well before it’s a vessel’s port call

  • Test new processes and technologies in a risk-free digital environment, so you can see their impact before you spend any budget



Accidents and losses through proactive decision-making
  • Avoid potentially unsafe situations for moored ships with real-time warnings
  • Gain insight into conditions that could impact operational windows, affect asset performance and potentially lead to downtime with Twinn monitoring and alerting capabilities.


Port safety and moored vessel operations
  • Enhance vessel planning with real-time and predictive analytics of moored ships
  • Improve decision-making and business processes by using Twinn software simulation tools to model “what-if” scenariosw
Michael Magee

Having a system that can cut through the data and give us actionable insights day to day allows us to make decisions at the optimum time to reduce downtime and keep our port moving."

Captain Michael MageeGroup Harbour Master, RAK Ports
Koos Toebes - Business Owner, Smart Mooring


Business Owner, Smart Mooring