Risk Scores

Quickly understand and quantify all physical risks to any property, anywhere in the world

Risk Scores

Risk Scores in brief

Easy integration
Risk scores can be provided as full / partial database files or served through our address-level APIs.
Regularly updated
The data is regularly updated against events and to incorporate the latest science.
Convenient and simplified
Consistent and comparable risk ratings for each hazard enabling intelligent decision making.
Supports risk classification
Used to support underwriting, pricing and general risk selection.

Instantly understand risk to any individual property or portfolio

Risk Score provides property-level risk ratings and supplementary information for any property, anywhere in the world. This highly granular data can be used to quickly evaluate and quantify risk from all physical perils at a range of statistical return periods.

Risk Score uses Twinn’s advanced risk indexing algorithms and integrates the most complete and up-to-date hazard data available. It provides a consistent and convenient overall risk rating, for every hazard, whilst also providing insights into the underlying hazard parameters, e.g. flood depth, wind speed and more. It is available as a full or partial database, via our online risk checking service and as spatial layers.

Spain Flood Score Visualisation
"As underwriters we have used Twinn Risk Scores as a tool for assessing and analysing perceived risk to natural UK insurance perils that can impact property exposures. We first chose to use and work with Twinn as the explanation of what sits behind and within the data, the presentation of data and the responses to detailed scrutinisation of data were very impressive. This, plus the ability to API the tools and the excellent service provided by the team throughout the life cycle of using the product, has continued to make Twinn Risk Scores an integral tool for our underwriting portfolio and allow us to manage and mitigate underwriting risks consistently well."
Ed Colville,
Underwriter, Ascot Group
Mark Nunns - Global Commercial Director, Climate Resilience


Global Commercial Director, Climate Resilience