Ensure constant water supply, at a consistent pressure for everyone, whilst optimising operating costs

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Opir in brief

Full control of water supply system
Streamlining abstraction and distribution improves water quality by 20% and improves energy efficiency in production by 5-10%.
Self-learning, 72-hours water demand prediction
This enables constant production, steadier pumping and reduced energy consumption. By shifting the pump operations to lower energy-tariff hours, energy costs can be further reduced.
Optimise pump scheduling
Incorporating weather forecasting and energy market prices with water demand predictions, and other relevant data to automatically select the pumps that can operate most efficiently and effectively.
Production flow control
Controlling the flow of water, from the source to the tap, enables a stable flow with up to 90% less variation. Overall, capital investment can be postponed through more efficient use of production and transportation facilities.

Self-learning water demand prediction 

Based on its adaptive, self-learning algorithm, Aqua Suite Opir makes accurate predictions of domestic water demand for the next 72 hours using machine learning. It automatically analyses and identifies an area’s daily drinking water consumption patterns. Therefore, it can recognise deviating behaviour to anticipate and respond to sudden changes.

Aqua Suite softwrae for water production and distribution
Running tap water

Calm water network

Optimising water abstraction and distribution in line with domestic water demand predictions creates stable and efficient performance. As a result, constant pressure enables stable systems and better operational decisions. Therefore, you can guarantee a continuous high-quality water supply to your customers, while extending the lifespan of your assets. Above all, stable water treatment ensures a calm water network, reducing energy usage by up to 20%.

frontpage Aqua Suite white paper virtual operatorWhitepaper

Aqua Suite - Virtual operator

Learn how the virtual operator controls the performance of the entire water cycle based on sensor-generated data combined with consumption and weather forecasts.

Frontpage whitepaper using AI to reduce leaks aqua suiteWhitepaper

Aqua Suite - AI to reduce leaks

Discover how AI detects water leaks, minimising loss by predicting demand, analysing data, and locating leaks promptly.


Aqua Suite runs in a very stable way and it does what it needs to do - that is what all our operators are saying. For many years the WML employees have relied on Aqua Suite Opir and I hope they will do this in the future.

Philip StollmanProcess Automation System Administrator at WML
Bernard McWeeney - Global Sales Director, Aqua Suite


Global Sales Director, Aqua Suite