How Twinn helps overcome sustainability challenges

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Darren is the Director of Business Development for Twinn, by Royal HaskoningDHV. He's experienced in helping clients understand the impact of change on the future of their business and operations by implementing decision intelligence tools and digital twin solutions.
Fuelled by the climate crisis, the world – and organisations in every sector across it – face a perilous future. Without further policies to combat climate change, the OECD projects that GHG emissions will grow by about 52% by 2050. 770 million people worldwide currently lack electricity access. And the UN predicts that 5 billion people will be affected by water shortages by 2050.

Combine these alarming statistics with the drive to net zero, and it is abundantly clear that organisations everywhere need to embrace more sustainable ways of working – and fast. But how can you make the transition effectively – and in a way that protects your profits while delivering a competitive advantage?
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Integrate sustainability into your strategy and operations with Twinn

Backed by 140 years of innovation and engineering heritage – and leveraging the expertise of 6,000 colleagues across 25 countries – Twinn helps organisations in more than 100 countries tackle key sustainability challenges.

For example, companies leverage our predictive simulation expertise to model ways of saving energy and integrating renewable power. They use our unique blend of software, data and domain expertise to validate innovative business cases for a move to a circular economy. And they take advantage of our market-leading climate data to identify opportunities for growth or to design and plan new wind farms.

With initiatives spanning climate change, biodiversity, resource use, social value, and safety and wellbeing, Twinn drives your sustainability agenda, with solutions that help you:

  • Understand how operational changes affect energy use – combining machine learning with real-time data, Twinn predictive simulation helps optimise processes, boost efficiencies and reduce energy use
  • Reduce energy consumption and emissions – with autonomous control capabilities that optimise resource consumption based on the real-time operating environment
  • Gain certainty around renewable energy sources – bringing together data, software and domain expertise, our digital twins solutions model new renewable energy supply chains, delivering insight to inform long-term decision making
  • Reduce water loss – leveraging predictive analytics and machine learning, our smart water technology monitors, analyses, visualises and controls performance, enabling smart pressure reduction and early leak detection and localisation

What you can do with Twinn


Your energy consumption and emissions in the context of your real-time operational performance.

  • What is the energy performance across operations?
  • What are the financial and operational costs associated with environmental strategies?
  • What carbon reduction strategies can we deploy across the enterprise?


The future state of your business as you implement and progress your sustainability agenda.

  • How can we better track and monitor our environmental impact across operations, from raw materials to finished products?
  • What’s the best approach to investing in eco-efficient factories?
  • How can we best reduce energy consumption while integrating renewable power sources?


Disruptions, losses, delays and risks by anticipating and preparing for the transition to sustainable working.

  • How can you minimise water usage during changeovers?
  • What’s the best way to minimise carbon emissions while balancing costs?
  • How do you optimise steam usage to minimise energy consumption?


Your approach to sustainability while increasing efficiency, boosting performance and minimising costs.

  • How can you optimise manufacturing processes to increase efficiency and reduce waste?
  • How can you use advanced analytics to minimise carbon footprint and operational costs?
  • How should you best validate business cases for innovation around the circular economy?


Overcome global challenges with Twinn

Twinn’s actionable insights help you integrate sustainability into your strategy and operations, improve your organisation’s resilience and overcome obstacles to digital transformation.
An infographic outlining the challenges that Twinn helps overcome