Channel Islands Climate Data: A Twinn Skipton Partnership

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Rob Carling, our Channel Sales Manager is the primary liaison for our expansive global partner network. Leveraging his robust business acumen, Rob cultivates a profound comprehension of our partners' challenges. With over 30 years of expertise in geospatial and natural hazards, including international experience in New Zealand, he brings a wealth of knowledge to the role.

In 2022, Twinn (formerly known under the Ambiental brand) partnered with award-winning offshore bank Skipton International to support its work on climate change – with a particular emphasis on flooding risk in the Channel Islands.

Creating a climate change model for every Channel Islands property

Skipton and Twinn leveraged the results of a unique aerial survey of the area to create a model that shows the impact of flooding due to climate change for each Channel Islands property.

By using our flood data – along with subsidence and coastal erosion data supplied by property company Rightmove – Skipton has taken steps to ensure it meets future regulatory compliance requirements. And by developing its understanding of how climate change will impact the Channel Islands, it has the data to guide decision-making, both now and in the future.

Climate risk exposure data to guide decision-making, now and in the future

From Skipton’s perspective, the partnership has provided crucial insight to inform future risk assessment and guide lending and investment decisions within the islands.

“We’ve made big strides over the last few years in our sustainability and ESG activities, particularly in how we prepare for and respond to climate change,” said Simon White, Credit Risk Manager at Skipton International. “We were the first Channel Island business to sign up to the United Nations Environmental Programme Finance Initiative, so investing in this climate change data was a natural progression.”

A major outcome of the partnership is an in-depth analysis of Skipton’s mortgage portfolio, which is – according to Simon – invaluable:

aerial view of the Channel Islands

Twinn climate risk data helps us understand and manage the physical and transitional risks to Channel Island properties.”

Simon WhiteCredit Risk Manager at Skipton International
Simon has made clear that Skipton is happy to share its climate risk intelligence with other organisations within the area: “We are aware that this data will be beneficial to many other Channel Island businesses and will be pleased to share with them if they wish to contact us.”

climate risk assessment

Twinn: further developing our understanding of how climate change will impact the Channel Islands

We specialise in helping organisations from sectors spanning finance, insurance, maritime, logistics, energy and industry understand the hazards and risks associated with climate change. Our partnership with Skipton has given them access to this climate risk intelligence while giving us the opportunity to further develop our understanding of how climate change has the potential to impact the Channel Islands.

Rob Carling, Channel Sales Manager at Twinn, said: “We are delighted to work with Skipton to develop the climate flood models for the Channel Islands which – like other parts of the UK – will be impacted by climate change.”

A recent report from the Jersey Government stated that 400 homes and businesses are at risk of a major flooding incident. “However, this is forecast to rise to 3,000 properties in the future unless something is done,” emphasised Rob.

Visualise risk and identify climate hazards before they cause issues

Twinn Climate Risk Analytics provides climate risk intelligence encompassing 19 hazards – including drought, wildfires, earthquakes, wind and volcanoes as well as floods.

Our climate risk intelligence platform gives you risk scores for any location based on those hazards. As a result, you can build your understanding of how to protect your assets, operations and supply chains to become climate resilient. And by predicting and preventing disruption, you have the power to drive sustainable growth.
Rob Carling - Channel Sales Manager


Channel Sales Manager