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Every year there are 1.35 million preventable road traffic fatalities (WHO). That’s 1.35 million families and communities forever changed. Alongside the human impact, the cumulative economic costs of road incidents are significant. They rise to 3% of GDP for most countries and hit low-middle income countries hardest.

It is our responsibility to change that. Not just because it makes economic sense, but because it is what victims and their families deserve. We must collaborate across our mobility system to seek smarter, bolder and better ways of doing things. To create a world where everyone gets home safely, every day.

As demand for mobility increases, our relentless focus on ensuring road safety means that we are able to support our clients at every level – from devising and planning of road safety strategy and policy, right through to implementation of road safety measures and management.

How do we enable safer roads?

We recognise that each nation, city and community has its own challenges and needs in road safety. These range from understanding the deeper causes of traffic accidents and building better bases of data, to seeking new infrastructure designs, implementing strategies and influencing behaviour.

To help our clients understand their strengths and weaknesses, we use a framework built around three defining factors: People, Vehicles and Infrastructure. We strive towards an integrated approach that includes all three elements, accounting for the ways in which they overlap and influence each other.

This drives our work to partner and co-create with leaders at the national, city and community level across the world. Together we can rethink infrastructure, sharpen strategies and deliver more liveable cities and streets. Not only to prevent death and injury, but to improve life.

Road safety model

Stakeholder management to accelerate road safety

Achieving improved road safety can’t be done in isolation. It requires close stakeholder management – with governments, road authorities, international financial institutions and the public and private sectors at large.

We excel at bringing these parties together. Making the link between road safety, public health and economic impacts clear; and partnering to share knowledge and co-create solutions that enable future-proof, inclusive, safe and healthy travel.

Through our stakeholder management, we secure shared commitments and shared ownership of the road safety agenda. Ensuring that each party understands their role and the work that needs to be done to create safe and liveable cities.

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Future proof road infrastructure: an exploration of the impact of automated traffic and transportation

From driving assistance systems to autonomous driving. The transition to automated traffic is in full swing. This changes the traditional relationship between people, vehicles and roads. But what does that mean for road design and maintenance?

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Whitepaper Future proof road infrastructure

The extensive study on realising the safety benefits of ADAS, led by Royal HaskoningDHV in collaboration with HAN and TNO, produced clear policy recommendations for the FIA Region I. The multi-dimensional approach of their work ensured almost 10,000 responses from across six European countries. Such strong findings ensure we can move forward and implement policy with confidence.

Diogo PintoPolicy Director, Fédération Internationale de l'Automobile (FIA) Region I

Our services

  • Integration of road safety initiatives

    There are numerous approaches to road safety – from audits to education. We integrate solutions seamlessly to improve efficiency and maximize benefits.

  • Policies, strategies and implementation plans

    Action on road safety begins at the policy level. We work with local and national governments to co-create strategies, supporting them through to implementation.

  • Road safety audits

    Our road safety audits include human factor analysis to understand how people, vehicles and infrastructure interact. This allows us to provide comprehensive recommendations.

  • Road safety education

    With our expert knowledge we help improve quality, effectiveness and implementation of road safety education and driver training and testing.

  • Smart mobility research and innovation

    Through services like assessment of infrastructure, analysis of driver behaviour and machine testing – we’re supporting innovations in mobility.

  • Analysis of road safety data
    In many nations data collection on road safety is lacking. We support planning, data collection and analysis – giving governments the power to make informed decisions.
  • Crash analysis
    Our experts provide crash analysis to support authorities, cities, and investigations in identifying, analysing and preventing road safety related incidents.
  • Stakeholder management
    We excel at bringing stakeholders together. Making the link between road safety, public health and economic impacts clear; and co-creating solutions that enable future-proofed, inclusive, safe and healthy travel.

Smart motorways in the UK

In March 2021, we conducted an extensive motorway report into driver safety on All Lane Running motorways (ALR) in the UK. Findings showed that the risk of being involved in a live lane breakdown on an ALR in England is 216% higher than on a standard motorway.

Our report provided transport authorities in the UK with an opportunity to revisit and improve the role of smart motorways.

Motorway in the UK

Safe roads for all

We co-authored the ‘Safe Roads for All’ report with leading safety and mobility experts and organisations throughout the UK.

It proposes a government leadership structure, headline safety performance framework, and priority actions that will progress the UK towards fewer deaths from road crashes.

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