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Get machine learning models in production to monitor the behaviour of thousands of assets in real-time​

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Machine learning engineering for production

The value of a machine learning platform

Take the leap from pilot to production
Without the need for a team of developers
Hit the ground running
Start deploying machine learning today
Improve reliability of your operations​
By detecting problems automatically and early
Support skilled operators by automating the routine
So that they can focus on the tasks that matter
Twinn AI-driven software products provide concrete operational benefits such as saving of energy and predicting the need for required maintenance or interventions. These products all run on Twinn's machine learning platform, a powerful app to productionise machine learning at scale.
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What can it do for your processes? 

  • Data validation - validate incoming sensor data
  • Process monitoring - detect current misalignments
  • Forecasting - detect upcoming threshold exceedences
Check out examples Check out examples Check out examples 

Optimise your operations

Aging qualified workforce and more stringent environmental legislation are just a few important reasons why organisations today are looking to automate and optimise their operations. By learning from recent asset data, machine learning models can identify derailing processes before they become real issues. This enables your organisation to transition from reactive to proactive operations and maintenance. In addition, machine learning models can learn to directly control processes by sending setpoints to your PLC/SCADA systems. 

Open source package
Mastering your supply chain & logistics

Digital Twin mindset

Our machine learning platform was developed with a digital twin mindset. This means that machine learning models on our platform can be developed to target a common asset or process. Specific model instances are then trained on data from specific assets or processes. This gives our platform the power to apply machine learning across your organisation, without the need for manual configuration per use-case or asset. Underneath this is the power of your data model, the ontology. By defining inputs to the model in the language of the ontology, the model can scale to many locations and can work with varying numbers of datastream across the locations.

Scale up to all your assets

Today, various services exist that can help you deploy a machine learning model. However, a single model can not always be used to monitor a large number of assets. Each asset or process has its own pattern of behaviour that requires a separate model instance. This means that the number of models that need to be deployed scales with the number of assets or processes you want to monitor. This poses unique challenges to a machine learning platform, such as training or making predictions for large numbers of models, but also for rolling out releases, and monitoring model performance and data quality. Twinn's machine learning platform was developed to tackle exactly these challenges.

An aerial view of packing machinery next to a conveyor belt within a light industry factory
Learning from industry experts in water l Royal HaskoningDHV

Develop and deploy your models

To unlock the power of Twinn`s machine learning platform, all you need is Twinn`s model interface (a Python protocol). All models that comply with this interface can benefit from automated re-training and predictions, rolling out releases, model performance monitoring and data quality tracking. 

You can either develop the machine learning model yourself, or with the support of our team of experienced data scientists. We also have an open-sourced Python package that can supercharge the development of your time-series models.

How Twinn's machine learning platform is used 

Blockage detection in sewers
Monitoring of pumping stations
Control of wastewater treatment
Data-driven sewer management
Pumping station for pumping water in wastewater treatment
Royal HaskoningDHV at European Wastewater Management (EWWM) Conference

Twinn's machine learning platform is designed to tackle different questions for multiple industries and can help to make the next step in the data science journey from pilot to production.

Daan van EsData Science and Data Engineering Leading Professional
Ben Lomax Thorpe - Leading professional Digital Twin

Ben LomaxThorpe

Leading professional Digital Twin