Traffic congestion has surged in cities across the world, placing huge demands on city authorities and transport planners. It has never been so important for cities to be accessible, allowing traffic to move freely without impacting the environment. Royal HaskoningDHV has developed an award-winning solution to this – Flowtack. The cloud-based technology eases congestion and optimises traffic flows resulting in smoother journeys and greener cities.
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Introducing Flowtack: the traffic optimisation solution

Now more than ever, a smooth and safe flow of traffic within cities is vital. Across the globe, city councils and transport authorities face the difficult challenge of keeping traffic moving safely whilst increasing accessibility and improving liveability. When traffic does flow smoothly and efficiently, the benefits extend beyond road users and can bring a significant reduction in pollution levels, ensuring cleaner air in our cities.

Launched in 2017, Flowtack is an award-winning solution designed by Royal HaskoningDHV. The innovative solution collates and analyses traffic data in real-time, forecasting and optimising traffic flows at the network level.

Benefits of Flowtack

  • Lowering CO2 footprint

    Reduced emission and polution, leading to a 7-18% reduction in CO2 

  • Creating cleaner & greener cities

    Create a cleaner city with lower CO2 emissions to improve liveability 

  • Improving accessibility

    Seamless flow of traffic, making cities more accessible  

  • Keeping the city moving

    Greater control for road authorities and city councils to enable smooth traffic flow across the city’s road networks 

Improving traffic management for safer traffic flow

Traffic management involves the use of many applications to keep traffic flowing safely on today’s busy networks. A key part of this, involves utilising open data from inductive loops, traffic sensors, apps and cars with satellite navigation. 

Flowtack is a cloud-based software that combines all these open source data to assess the traffic condition and control traffic lights at the network level to optimise the flow of traffic in and around the city.

Not only can Flowtack prevent unnecessary braking through seamless management of the traffic network, it can also reduce idling at traffic lights – easing congestion and creating a greener, cleaner city.

Flowtack is also platform-agnostic which means that there is no risk of a vendor lock-in – not now and not in the future. Future developments are simply a case of a software update, replacing the need to make mechanical changes to individual traffic lights at the control box.

Flowtack at a glance 

02 - 40% reduction in the number of vehicles having to stop at junctions
07 -18% reduction in CO2 emissions
011 -26% reduction nitrogen oxide
Flowtack is developed in cooperation with Path2Mobility

Future-proof mobility

Mobility is undergoing a seismic shift. The exponential growth in population and the consumption of goods and services is placing new demands on our mobility networks. Yet our cities must remain accessible without compromising residents’ quality of life, all while striving for environmental sustainability.
At Royal HaskoningDHV, we believe that Flowtack can enable cities to meet this challenge head on. By using intelligent traffic light installations (iTLIs), cities can harmonise traffic flows more efficiently, via dynamic traffic light controls. This reduces congestion and pollution and thereby saving time, fuel and CO2 emission as well as money.
For smart mobility to be truly successful, we need to take a long term perspective and develop actionable transport plans and strategies today while leveraging the benefits of cutting-edge technology.

Close-up  with Flowtack  - Schedule a demo with our mobility experts to find out how Flowtack can benefit your city

Close-up with Flowtack

Schedule a demo with our mobility experts to find out how Flowtack can benefit your city

Bob Randsdorp - Director Business Development Smart mobility


Director Business Development Smart mobility