Strategic planning for urban spatial development of Xixian airport city

NACO and ECADI delivered the winning airport city development strategy and design for the Airport New City that is being developed in Xixian New Area. The challenge was to prepare a framework for the development of an Airport City Model that can reach the international quality standards for business development, high-tech industry, living and recreation.
Strategic planning for urban spatial development of Xixian airport city l Royal HaskonongDHV

Our Solution

Xixian’s Airport New City is located around Xi’an-Xianyang International Airport, the airport serving one of China’s main tourism hubs Xi’an in Shaanxi Province and famous for the Terracotta Army. NACO and ECADI prepared the strategic plan for Xixian’s Airport New City development. Xi’an’s strategic location in Western China along the recently established Silk Road Economic Belt, enabled us to strategically position logistics and industrial zones for the new international airport city. These zones are situated around the airport and along major transportation corridors that connect the airport with the city. The plan provides a holistic and sustainable approach to the development of both airport and airport city.

The Outcome - Strategy for the development of a sustainable aerotropolis

Our key strategies:

  • A comprehensive list of sustainable urban planning principles was developed around three main elements: community development, green infrastructure development and natural resource management (energy, waste, water).
  • The economic strategy set the foundation for high-tech industrial development and R&D programs to realise the vision for Xixian Airport City to become a leading high-tech economic hub in China.
  • The spatial strategy organised the connectivity between the airport city and the different surrounding urban entities. The strategy is developed at multiple levels, including segregation of passenger, industrial and commuting traffic and an extensive network of bicycle paths connecting the different communities within the airport city.
  • A central urban park creates a strong interface between the Airport and the Airport City and is to safeguard Xixian’s cultural heritage and to provide green public spaces for recreational.
Joeri Aulman - Airport planner & Project manager


Airport planner & Project manager