Juliana bridge

Of all bridges across the Zaan the Juliana Bridge undoubtedly has the most scenic setting, adjacent to the UNESCO world heritage Zaanse Schans. A bridge with too much presence would be inappropriate here. We chose for a subtle bridge that blends in with the historical surroundings.
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The Juliana Bridge has won many awards. In 2009 our design won the Dutch Concrete Award. One year later this accomplishment was once more endorsed by winning the European Concrete Award. In 2011 we were awarded the ÔRoutepluimÕ by the Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport.
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The new Juliana Bridge sheers fluently and low across the water. The deck is divided through the middle in two parts, bestowing a transparent look upon the bridge.
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The elegant V-shaped pylons are positioned behind the edge of the deck, thus giving the bridge a horizontal composition.
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The fact that this is a moving bridge is hardly visible because all the machinery that operates the moving part of the deck is hidden inside one of the eight pylons. The visual integration of the movable deck within the whole 200 meter lengt of the bridge enhances the appearance of the Juliana Bridge as a stripe across the water.
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The realization of the Juliana Bridge goes back as far as 2001 when we performed a feasibility study for three new movable bridges across the Zaan to improve nautical mobility. As soon as the first of these bridges, the Prins Bernhard Bridge, was completed in 2006, work started on the Juliana Bridge. The opening ceremony of the Juliana Bridge was held in 2009. In 2015 the bridge was finally whole with the completion of the jetty for cruise ships that passes underneath the eastern approach span.

Project facts

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    Provincie Noord-Holland
  • Location
    Zaanstad, The Netherlands
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  • Solution
    Architecture, Site Supervision
Rene Zijlstra - Program manager


Program manager