Integrated water resources management in six river basin territories (6CIS)

Royal HaskoningDHV is involved in helping the Ministry of Public Works (Indonesia) establish water councils in six river basin territories to gain more effective control. We helped strengthen capacity for spatial planning integration and policy development.
River in Indonesia

With 45 million inhabitants (20% of Indonesia population) and contributes to producing 35% of national GDP, the 6Cis study area which covers an area of 35,000 km2 is very important to Indonesia.

The Government of the Republic of Indonesia developed the River Basin Plan approach for an Integrated Water Resources Management, with a mix of investments in both structural and non-structural measures. The project is divided in three main components:

  • Institutional Strengthening for IWRM and IWRM Planning
  • Integration of Spatial Planning and IWRM planning
  • Policy Development

The challenge

Within 10 years before the study, the area showed a very significant growth both in the number of population and economic improvement. The rapidly increasing population and wealth led to rapid urbanization. The impacts to this are: raising demand for water supply, increasing flooding and the damages it caused, landslides and a very serious land subsidence in various parts of the area, up to 20cm/year in North Jakarta and 7cm/year in Bandung.                                        

The problem faced by the area requires integrated-approach solutions from multi-disciplinary experts and various sectors.

Due to its long-term involvement in Water Resources Development and Management, and backed by the experience and expertise in water supply, sanitation, flood mitigation, spatial planning and river catchment conservation, Royal HaskoningDHV became an Ideal partner for the Water Resources Department in implementing the institutional strengthening and IWRM planning.

Our solution

Royal HaskoningDHV assisted in establishing the water councils in various basins constituting the six river basins (6Cis) territory, and strengthened the capacity for spatial planning integration, water resources management and policy development.

The result

  • Strategic Plan
  • Basin Council Establishment
  • Financial Management
  • Quality Assurance and Quality Control
  • Capacity Building
  • Training and Training Needs Assessment
  • Process Management of the River Basin Planning
  • Organizational Bench Marking
  • Integration of River Basin Management in Spatial Planning
  • GIS/Database Management
Want to know more or got a question? - Contact our Climate Resilience experts!

Want to know moreor got a question?

Contact our Climate Resilience experts!