Future-proofing Dutch public transport company HTM

Future-proofing Dutch public transport company HTM | Royal HaskoningDHV

Future-proof mobility

The world and its mobility systems are in a perpetual state of change driven by innovation and digital technology. HTM (the public transport company for The Hague, in the Netherlands) wanted to harness the mobility transition and play a leading role in offering sustainable mobility solutions to its clients.

To achieve this, HTM needed to be able to control and adjust business processes faster and create a higher predictability using advanced data analysis. Future-proofing HTM with new digital capabilities would enable the company to be more customer-oriented, more flexible, and more efficient and effective in its operation. This will in turn facilitate to make HTM’s assets more reliable and at the same time, equip its employees with necessary digital skills and help them leverage existing technological tools to improve operational effectiveness and efficiency.

The partnership with Royal HaskoningDHV helps us in creating and building an active data driven community participating in vision and strategy development. Our aim is to make ever better data driven decisions in a complex rail environment in the future.

Peter SmitInnovation Manager, THM

The journey towards digitalisation

Royal HaskoningDHV recognised HTM’s ambitions and identified a potential new work stream “Digital, Data and Analysis” which would form part of its long-term strategy to pave the transition towards a more digital way of working.

In consultation with the HTM Board, we supported the digital strategy roadmap to drive impact on 3 key aspects focusing on Clients, Operation and Assets. Each team had to answer the following questions:

  • Which technological developments are on the horizon and cannot be neglected by HTM?
  • Which of these are most relevant to HTM and why so?
  • Where do you see opportunities for HTM in the area of Clients, Operation and Assets?

The digital future

The outcomes and responses form a report that was shared with the HTM Board. Following subsequent discussions, HTM decided to add the Digital Transformation of HTM as an integral part of its strategy and business plan.

To power this next wave in digitalisation at HTM, we’ve collaborated closely with the internal HTM team to engage in co-creation and raise awareness on how HTM employees can drive this transformation. Employees from across a mixture of departments and backgrounds came together to create a shared vision and explored how they can build a foundation for future change, thus creating new value in this process.
Future-proofing Dutch public transport company HTM | Royal HaskoningDHV
Peter Boom - Director Rail asset management and digitisation


Director Rail asset management and digitisation