Launch HaskoningDHV USA

Royal HaskoningDHV is excited to announce the launch of HaskoningDHV USA Inc.

From 1 June 2024, Royal HaskoningDHV will conduct its business in the US under the name HaskoningDHV USA – rebranding and legally merging Districon Solutions North America LLC and Lanner Inc.

Being one company under one brand, this will allow for smarter operations, more collaborative working and a better service for clients. From Districon’s supply chain and logistics consultancy, and Lanner’s predictive simulation software, to climate resilience services, water technology and more.

Team USA HaskoningDHV Inc.

We’re very excited about this step in the US

Since joining Royal HaskoningDHV a few years ago, we have worked together to deliver advice to clients in all aspects of data analytics and supply chain consultancy; from operational process design and optimization in warehouses and factories to strategic investment evaluation by network design and business case assessments. Now we cement that partnership, and we can’t wait to now operate as one in the US.
Sander van LokvenResident Director USA and Director Districon North America
Sander van Lokven

Natural next step in our evolution

Our time as part of Royal HaskoningDHV to date has been a real win-win for each of us. We have been given greater market access through Royal HaskoningDHV’s global reach, products and services.  This combined with our leading simulation software Twinn Witness and consultancy brings further insights and value to all of our customers. This legal merger and rebranding is the natural next step in our evolution, and we are very excited about it.
Mandy TagueDirector Lanner USA
Mandy Tague
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