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Today, we delve into the world of Engineering, Procurement, and Construction Management (EPCM), an approach that transforms complex visions into reality. With the help of Jaap Meijvogel, a senior project manager, we clarify the role of EPCM in project management.
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Discover how it aligns with the objectives of multinational corporations, steering projects across various industries toward success.

EPCM includes various services, starting with engineering design, where we develop the concept and basic design. The detailed design phase is managed by us, with execution being a collaborative effort involving our partners or entirely undertaken by contractors. During procurement, we handle sourcing and acquiring essential materials and services, focusing on quality and cost-effectiveness. In the construction management phase, we oversee the construction process, ensuring compliance with the established plan, timeline, and safety standards.

The role of EPCM in driving project success

This method simplifies complex projects by coordinating teams and managing resources well. In EPCM, engineering means detailed design and planning, setting the stage for success. Procurement matches the project's schedule and budget, while construction management turns the plan into reality, focusing on quality and safety.

Staying within budget and time limits is key. EPCM blends these important parts into a clear plan, matching the business's strategic aims. This leads to efficient project completion, sticking closely to top quality and safety standards. EPCM is a vital tool for managing complex projects in various industries.
Jaap Meijvogel

We divide the project into phases. So we have a concept design, basic design, and detailed design, and then we go into construction. And every project phase is closed by a gate review.

Jaap MeijvogelSenior Project Manager

The benefits of EPCM

Some of the key benefits:

Enhanced project control: EPCM offers unmatched control over every project phase, from the initial conceptualisation to final execution. This level of control ensures that projects adhere closely to their planned timelines, budgets, and quality standards, making it easier to achieve the desired outcomes.
Enhanced stakeholder coordination under a leading party: This approach strengthens stakeholder collaboration, emphasising the leading party's role in project management and communication. This results in more efficient decision-making, aligning all parties with the project's objectives.
Comprehensive scope management: EPCM's all-encompassing nature means it covers all aspects of a project. This includes attention to legal and local requirements, environmental compliance, and adherence to industry standards, ensuring a well-rounded and compliant project outcome.
Risk minimisation: By adopting a holistic view of the project, EPCM anticipates potential challenges and risks, allowing for proactive measures to mitigate them. This risk management is crucial in maintaining project integrity and avoiding costly setbacks.
Optimised resource allocation: EPCM ensures resources, whether financial, human, or material, are used efficiently. This maximises value and minimises waste, contributing to the project's overall cost-effectiveness and sustainability.

How EPCM aligns with the strategic company goals

Companies with a global presence face unique challenges due to their scale and diversity. EPCM caters to these challenges by providing a tailored approach that balances international standards with local nuances. This balance is particularly beneficial for projects spanning different geographical locations and regulatory environments. EPCM's adaptability helps multinational companies efficiently navigate these complexities, ensuring project success that aligns with their long-term strategic objectives.

EPCM in Food & Beverage and the Pharmaceutical Industry

The versatility of EPCM extends across numerous industries, each presenting its own unique set of challenges and requirements. In this context, we focus on how EPCM is tailored to meet the specific demands of the Food & Beverage and Pharmaceutical sectors. These industries demand a high level of precision, compliance and hygiene, making EPCM an ideal framework for managing complex projects.

In the Food & Beverage sector, EPCM is important for managing projects that require a delicate balance between efficiency, safety, and sustainability. This includes navigating the complexities of supply chain management and adapting to evolving consumer preferences and health regulations.

Similarly, in the Pharmaceutical sector, EPCM's role is indispensable. It provides a structured approach to handle the rigorous demands of product development and manufacturing. Here, EPCM helps align projects with stringent regulatory compliances, ensuring the highest safety and efficacy standards in pharmaceutical products.

In some regions, our focus is on engineering and consultancy, while in others, it encompasses a broader spectrum, including engineering, procurement, and construction management.

Jaap MeijvogelSenior Project Manager

Tailored EPCM Solutions

Our EPCM approach, combining global expertise with local insights, is shown in our projects like the multinational bakery in Thailand and the $100m food plant in Indonesia. We adapted a European master plan to local conditions in the Thai bakery project. We addressed challenges like high humidity by redesigning air control systems and modifying the roof structure for heavy rainfall while incorporating sustainability through solar panels.

In the Indonesian food plant, we successfully designed and constructed a new production facility during the COVID-19 pandemic, employing remote working strategies to keep the project on schedule. This project aimed to enhance the client's manufacturing independence and contribute to the local economy.
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Industry 4.0 production with dashboards
These projects demonstrate our use of advanced project management tools tailored to meet diverse client needs. Our focus on risk management and quality assurance ensures each project is executed with care and excellence. By blending broad global knowledge with detailed local understanding, we consistently deliver high-quality, efficient results that align with our clients' strategic goals.

Our global success is a testament to our deep understanding of cultural nuances and local market dynamics, enhancing our teamwork. This approach provides our clients with a range of specialised services and access to a vast network of global resources. Our adaptability in managing various regulatory environments ensures that our projects meet and exceed standards, leading to effective management and successful outcomes.

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