Unlocking investment success: strategies for maximising best value

Maximise CapEx value with cutting-edge tech and strategies: boost performance and cut costs through automation, data analytics, and connectivity.
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Read about valuable strategies for manufacturing and supply chain optimisation. We spoke with Lynn Hoendervanger, an Investment Consultant at Royal HaskoningDHV, who provided valuable insights. Businesses can achieve their optimisation goals by focusing on faster adaptation, lean production, and cost reduction.

The importance of strategic consulting

Strategic consulting is key to maximising investment value, especially in manufacturing and supply chain innovation. It involves expert analysis of alternatives to identify profitable investment options. The process starts with understanding the business aim, which helps comprehend market conditions, planning resources, and managing finances. Strategic consulting connects strategy and necessary CapEx and Opex investment, ensuring meticulous planning for maximum value generation.
Lynn Hoendervanger

Maximising investment value in manufacturing and supply chain innovation through informed planning and alignment.

Lynn HoendervangerBusiness Case Consultant

Building a comprehensive business case

Spending time on creating a robust business case is essential. The most important parts are:

  • Justification for Investment: Outline the reasons for undertaking the project, the expected business benefits, the options considered (with reasons for rejecting or carrying forward each option), the expected costs of the project, the gap analysis, and the anticipated risks.
  • Risk Management: Identifying and managing risks associated with the project, including internal and external risks that can be financial, operational, or strategic.
  • Performance Measurement: Using the business case as a baseline for assessing project performance by comparing expected and actual outcomes, providing a basis for the post-implementation review (PIR).
  • Decision Making: Aiding decision-making by providing a clear picture of the project's pros and cons, helping stakeholders make informed decisions.Communication Tool: Serving as a communication tool that informs and engages stakeholders about the project, its benefits, risks, and rationale.

A good business case goes beyond the economic model; it involves understanding the opportunity and threats you are responding to and what you aim to achieve from the optimisation. It's not just about the numbers but also strategic alignment, stakeholder engagement, and risk management.

Predictive digital twins

Predictive digital twins, acting as strategic consultancy tools, are revolutionising manufacturing and supply chain optimisation. These advanced tools provide virtual replicas of physical systems, facilitating the creation of a solid business case. Companies can simulate scenarios in a risk-free environment, enhancing decision-making. Digital twins offer a real-time view of operations, from procurement to delivery, and can highlight areas of resource underuse or overuse and logistical issues.

By adjusting resource allocation based on these insights, businesses can significantly enhance efficiency, forming a key part of the business case. Moreover, digital twins allow for the testing of strategies before real-world implementation, preventing costly errors and ensuring effective results. This ability to 'trial run' strategies is a crucial part of the strategic consultancy process, making digital twins an indispensable tool in maximising the value of investments in manufacturing and supply chain optimisation.

By harnessing the power of digital twins, companies can unlock the full potential of their investments in manufacturing and supply chain optimisation, maximising value and driving success.

Lynn HoendervangerBusiness Case Consultant

Sustainability as an integral part of your project

Sustainability, now a fundamental aspect of modern investment projects, can enhance efficiency and cost-effectiveness while reducing environmental impact when integrated into manufacturing and supply chain operations. Each industry has unique challenges, requiring a tailored approach considering specific market dynamics. Services like integrated design and project management can transform operations and optimise supply chains, ensuring future-proof investments.
Adopting green manufacturing practices can reduce waste and energy consumption, leading to cost savings. A sustainable supply chain can boost brand reputation, improve stakeholder relationships, and unlock new market opportunities.
Business case, maximising investments, manufacturing investment

Embracing industry 4.0 for manufacturing excellence

The fourth industrial revolution, or Industry 4.0, is transforming the manufacturing landscape, presenting new opportunities for strategic consultancy. Businesses can significantly enhance their manufacturing processes by adopting technologies such as the Internet of Things (IoT), artificial intelligence (AI), and predictive analytics. These technologies enable real-time monitoring and control of manufacturing operations, improving efficiency, reducing downtime, and increasing productivity.

For instance, AI-powered predictive maintenance, a crucial element in manufacturing investment, can help identify potential equipment failures before they occur, reducing downtime and maintenance costs. This improves operational efficiency and contributes to a solid business case by demonstrating potential cost savings and productivity improvements.

Real-time data exchange through Industry 4.0 empowers informed decision-making, fosters collaboration, and optimises operations for maximum value.

Lynn HoendervangerLynn Hoendervanger

Royal HaskoningDHV: your partner in maximising investment value

Our profound understanding of manufacturing and supply chain complexities makes us a reliable partner in helping businesses maximise investment value. Our team of experts provides strategic consulting, offering a comprehensive perspective encompassing all aspects, from the shop floor to cross-sector strategists. Our consultants, engineers, and field experts deliver realistic financial assessments and feasible solutions, ensuring optimal investment decisions. Our consultants facilitate swift decision-making, providing answers in weeks rather than months.

Ready to maximise your investment value?

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