Successfully improving the sustainability of buildings

Improving the sustainability of buildings is high on the agenda. Buildings that consume less energy result in lower energy bills, which has a direct impact on business results. At the same time, governments expect you, as the owner or manager of buildings, to meet the climate targets for 2030 and 2050 by improving sustainability.
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For new buildings, this means that sustainable choices are made during the development itself. There is a focus on energy consumption and sustainable materials are chosen. The relationship with the environment is also assessed: for example, how can it make a positive contribution to biodiversity? But how can you achieve similar results in buildings that you already own or manage?

Improving the sustainability of existing real estate is a very worthy ambition, but a challenging one. What is the current situation when it comes to legislation and regulations? How can you make the right choices today if regulations may change in the future? Will investing in improving sustainability pay dividends or only end up costing money? And: is doing nothing also an option?

We understand that these and other questions make it difficult to take the first step in improving the sustainability of real estate. We help owners and managers of commercial and public buildings to achieve their sustainability ambitions, lower energy bills, and comply with all legislation and regulations.

Roadmap to energy-neutral

The first step is often the most difficult, but even after that, improving the sustainability of real estate can still be complex. We provide a clear roadmap to show you how you can achieve your energy objectives in a series of steps. Based on data about current energy consumption and maintenance plans, we compare different future scenarios (at building and portfolio level), including their impact on the organisation. This enables you to make the right choices today, and a concrete sustainability improvement plan ensures that everyone within the organisation understands what needs to be done.
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Improving building sustainability together

As soon as we have a roadmap to improving sustainability in place, we make sure it is put into action. We guide you step-by-step to ensure that the objectives are genuinely achieved. Whether action needs to be taken at the strategic, tactical or operational level, our experts help ensure that the organisation is on board with the changes.

Smart investment in building sustainability

Improving the sustainability of your building will not happen automatically and often requires significant investments. But how do you know which investment is advisable and which is not? We will not be satisfied until your ambitions have been achieved. That means that we always base our advice on the future value of any investment. We provide an insight into the costs and benefits of different sustainability improvement choices, ensuring every single euro is spent to optimum effect.

24/7 insight into the energy transition

With a sustainability improvement plan that can take several years to achieve, monitoring and managing progress matters. We provide a clear, online dashboard to give you 24/7 insight into the status of your energy transition. Armed with up-to-date and dynamic data, you can take the right decisions at any time and simply modify planned measures where necessary.

Want to get started on improving the sustainability of your buildings? Our approach has been approved by the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate as an alternative for the EED energy audit. We will be happy to meet, with no obligation, to explain how we can help you further.
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