Renewable energy

Renewable energy is one of the most important solutions to fight climate change. Therefore we need to transform the global energy system to a world that is powered by renewables. We will help you with consultancy and engineering in new energy systems to support you on your journey to net zero.
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Mastering renewable energy solutions to achieve a net zero world

Energy production and use are responsible for 73% of global greenhouse gas emissions. Transforming the way we power our world is one of the most important things we can do to fight climate change. At Royal HaskoningDHV we take this challenge very seriously. Our experts offer renewable energy solutions ranging from consultancy and engineering in wind energy, solar energy, thermal energy, bioenergy, energy from waste, hydropower to cutting edge renewable hydrogen solutions. With our growing portfolio of renewable energy solutions, we help our customers around the world to shift from fossil fuels to renewable energy. Let's work together to create a world that runs entirely on green energy

Harnessing the potential of renewable hydrogen

Renewable Hydrogen is tightly connected to what we consider as ‘the future’. Not only as a source of power, but also a medium through which energy can be transported and stored effectively.

To unlock the full value chain potential of hydrogen there are challenges to overcome for all stakeholders. Whether you are a producer, investor, importer/exporter or policymaker, risks and uncertainties are putting pressure on your business case and may be causing delays in your project.

Discover how we can help you mitigate critical risk factors to make sure your business is healthy now, while building on resilience for the future.

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Offshore wind – the fast track to net zero

Offshore wind is globally recognised as the most cost-effective, large-scale source of clean, carbon-free electricity today. It represents the fast track for governments to achieve their net zero targets and climate commitments by 2030 and 2050.

Harness the full potential of offshore wind power with the help of our unrivalled experience in this space. Whether you’re a power company looking to supply renewable energy, or a financial organisation looking to invest in a greener future, we will shape a roadmap tailored to your goals. Create robust strategies, gain permissions, comply with all requirements, develop masterplans and secure funding for major offshore wind projects all over the world.

Bart de Vries - Director business development renewable energy

Bartde Vries

Director business development renewable energy