Harnessing the potential of hydrogen

Green hydrogen is often referred to as the fuel of the future. Electrolysing water with renewable electricity to produce a truly sustainable form of energy, is not just a source of power, but also a medium through which energy can be transported and stored effectively.
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Hydrogen for a zero-carbon future

To unlock the full value chain potential there are challenges to overcome for all stakeholders involved. Whether you are a producer, investor, importer/exporter or policymaker, it is very likely that uncertainties are putting pressure on your business case and cause delays in (investment) projects. These risk factors can relate to supply and demand, technical developments, legal aspects, behaviour of others within the industry, and much more.

We can help recognise and resolve these challenges. With your goals and needs as a starting point, we turn ambitions into strategically founded roadmaps that will provide guidance and support during your project. Uncertainties are minimised through insights from technical and financial feasibility studies in combination with our extensive knowledge and 140 years of experience in similar projects. This also makes us the ideal partner to help you manage stakeholders, attract relevant partners and alliances, and apply for permits, funding and subsidies. This all to reduce risk for your investments and bring the industry closer to our shared goal of accelerating the energy transition for a more sustainable future.

How can we help with your challenges?

Identify and securing your future project pipeline 
Expert insights enable you to make better-informed decisions  

Our expert insights – knowledge-based decision-making – enable you to identify the most robust business cases with the highest probability of success.  Our local knowledge throughout the UK, Europe and APAC ensures the best insights into local environmental constraints. Your asset management – including risk management and mitigation – is a consideration our multidisciplinary team takes personally.  
Maximise efficiency in project development 
Clear planning is a collaborative venture. Defining the scope of your project- together – is key.

Defining the scope of your project is key to getting your plans into motion. We can help you there:   Our planning approach allows assessment of an incomplete design. That's an advantage, enabling flexibility and driving value for your organisation.   We are proud to have pioneered the evidence plan process, now widely adopted throughout the Offshore Wind industry throughout the UK.
Confidence in realising your project 
Once you've defined your project, you want confidence in its realisation.

With a future-proof (and industry-building), multi-disciplinary approach we help to ensure your project will materialise. With a combination of well-planned costs, a clear programme, and a robust and coordinated design you can see exactly what to expect, and when.
Benefit from driving down the cost of offshore wind 
The best way to give (and get) the benefit of Offshore Wind? Build the market and drive down the costs.

We're all invested in the success of Offshore Wind. Leaders in the industry are leading the way to our shared net zero future. As an early ‘implementor’ of Offshore Wind projects, you help drive down the cost of offshore wind, effectively building a future-proof industry.
Storage & conversion
Hydrogen is then stored for later use or converted into another form of energy without releasing any harmful emissions into the environment.
Port import & export
Being a physical medium for energy storage, hydrogen can be traded just like crude oil or other bulk goods. Seaports need to be equipment with the infrastructure required to handle large amounts of incoming and outgoing hydrogen throughput. This can be challenging due to the hazards that come with handling hydrogen and its properties.
End users
For end users, hydrogen offers a large variety of use cases and possibilities. Both in its raw form or by converting it back to electrical energy, this fuel of the future can be the power source for industrial applications, public and private transportation methods, and much more. The best part: when using green hydrogen, this all can happen without emitting any harmful emissions to the environment.

Our hydrogen solutions

The transition to carbon neutrality is urgently needed. Driven by a sustainable and innovative mindset we provide support in solving the unique challenges that stand between you and reaching your objectives. No matter at what stage your green hydrogen projects are located in the hydrogen supply chain, we are able to provide optimal, tailor-made solutions using our extensive knowledge and experience, aided by digital expertise and a sustainable mindset.

Our services include:

  • Strategic roadmaps and master planning
  • Funding and business case development
  • Environmental and safety compliance
  • Programme management
  • Asset management
  • Reporting

Supplying Dutch industry with emission-free hydrogen

The Institute for Sustainable Process Technology (ISPT) initiated the Gigawatt Electrolysis Factory to explore the design of a Gigawatt electrolyser. We contributed to this project using our expertise and knowledge of the individual technologies to develop potential plot plans for several industrial clusters, allowing them to anticipate the new developments.

Design of industrial site
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NortH2: Europe’s largest green hydrogen project

The NortH2 project will decarbonise industry by producing green hydrogen as a replacement for widely used fossil-based energy. We used our knowledge and experience in similar complex projects to deliver a legal framework for all NortH2 components for construction and operations. Furthermore, a roadmap was built for obtaining the necessary permits and consents while also mapping all relevant stakeholders, and environmental and social issues connected to the plans.

White paper

How a parametric way of working can accelerate the energy transition

To really make a difference in industrial decarbonisation, it is key to replace fossil-based hydrogen with the renewable alternative, green hydrogen. However, while the benefits are clear, internal uncertainties make investors reluctant to board green hydrogen investment projects. Hence, the potential of private financing is not being fully unlocked in the renewable hydrogen market, making the transition from grey to green hydrogen progress very slowly.
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