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As the world faces the urgent challenge of climate change, it is now more important than ever to take action. Net zero emissions by 2050 cannot be achieved without accelerating the decarbonisation of industry. We are here to help with net zero strategies and solutions.
Net Zero industry

Reduce your ecological footprint and achieve results with Net Zero

We are at a decisive moment for humans – and all species – on earth. Floods, droughts, wildfires, rising sea levels, and loss of biodiversity grow worse without our action. And as governments and industry commit to the goal of climate neutrality by 2050, we have a great shared responsibility - and opportunity - to bring about change. A change that benefits the environment, our society, and our business. To make the transition to zero greenhouse gas emissions we need to become smarter and more effective in our operations, strategies, and solutions. Royal HaskoningDHV is here to help you on your journey to net zero. Together we can make it happen, welcoming a new dawn for both a healthy planet and future-proof business results.

Achieving a net zero industry together

The challenges in achieving net zero are aligned with our energy needs. Developments in the energy sector and in our environment are constantly changing. These fluctuations make it hard for any organisation to do much more than focus on their core business. In an uncertain environment, it’s difficult to find enough time to analyse your business and shape a resilience roadmap. That is where Royal HaskoningDHV can step in. Together we can develop smart industrial decarbonisation strategies and solutions. The result is a clear roadmap to reduce your energy usage and help you reduce the CO2-emissions by shifting to clean, renewable energy sources for your utilities. While you maintain your core business. We will help you achieve net zero and lead your industry – and our world - into a better tomorrow.

Develop your net zero strategy and become emission-free by 2050

As the world faces the urgent challenge of climate change, it is more important than ever to take action towards decarbonization. That's where a sound strategy comes in. Get to net zero by 2050 with our comprehensive, five-phase, long-term strategy

Net Zero strategy
Net Zero solutions

Implement net zero solutions that do the work for you

Transitioning to net zero can be a daunting task when you have to do it alone. But we are here for you. Make use of our services which include program management, permitting, finance, and engineering. In addition, we assist you in identifying and implementing the best solutions for your organisation, help you manage your assets and empower you with continuous improvement practices that lead to predictive maintenance and more efficient operations.

Empowering and enabling net zero industries

Achieving net zero takes a collaborative effort. We empower governments, investors and industries to work together, and advance their net zero objectives. Think of strategy development for reliable energy systems, contributing to environmental health and safety protocols, and accelerating public-private partnerships to achieve net zero goals. Become a frontrunner in your industry and explore the overarching shifts we can make.

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    We understand that it takes more than just a webpage to make a decision on where to start your net zero journey. Please contact us, we are here to help you gain clarity and move with confidence.
    Bart vander Velpen - Director Business development Net zero industries

    Bartvander Velpen

    Director Business development Net zero industries