Mitigate climate change by embracing the energy transition

As the world faces the urgent challenge of climate change, it is now more important than ever to take action. We support companies, investors, and governments to revolutionze our energy ecosystem.
Mitigate climate change

Mastering our energy ecosystem to tackle climate change together 

Mitigating climate change demands a significant reduction in greenhouse gas emissions, which can only be achieved through revolutionizing our energy ecosystem. However, the journey towards this goal is marked with significant challenges. We must shift to renewable energy and enable the energy transition to achieve net zero cities and industries.

Reducing greenhouse gas emissions to zero

Today, climate change is a harsh reality we must face, as we experience long-term shifts in temperatures and weather patterns. To prevent climate change, we must reduce greenhouse gas emissions to zero. Global frameworks and agreements, such as the UN Paris Agreement and Net Zero industry, guide us towards achieving net-zero emissions by 2050. The transition to a climate-friendly society has never been more crucial or economically feasible, as countries, cities, and industry race to reduce emissions. 

Although there is a global agreement to prevent climate change there are large obstacles to overcome. In our energy transition, the demand for energy is growing, but access to clean energy remains limited. Therefore, it is crucial to prioritize the production, processing, distribution, and utilization of affordable and clean energy.  This has become one of our biggest challenges in achieving a sustainable future. To achieve net-zero cities and industries we need to accelerate the energy transition by collaboration and working together.

We support your organisation to take the lead - and thrive

With a growing portfolio of solutions, we are dedicated to helping mitigating climate change. We support companies, investors, and governments worldwide to develop strategies and energy systems that pave the way towards a net-zero world.

Accelerating the transition to renewable energy

Renewable energy is crucial for meeting global energy demand and addressing climate change. To accelerate the transition to clean & low carbon energy we support our energy developers and providers in creating low-cost and resilient renewable energy systems to build a sustainable future.  

Accelerating the transition to renewable energy 
Enabling the energy transition

Enabling the energy transition

The energy transition offers a distinctive chance for governments, investors, and public-private partnerships to collaborate in achieving a net-zero society and industry. At Royal HaskoningDHV, we are committed to providing strategies and solutions that will enable the energy transition. 

Achieve Net Zero industries 

To achieve zero carbon emissions by 2050, industries must decarbonise by shifting to clean energy, electrification, and energy reduction. We provide tailored strategies and solutions to support our customers on their journey to net zero.

Net Zero industry


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