Future-proof and adaptive buildings to meet tomorrow’s needs

There comes a time when a building where people work no longer fits the bill. Work activities change as a result of social and technological developments, and the number of staff or users increases (or decreases) over the years. A logical solution would be to relocate. But how do you ensure that this building can develop flexibly in line with future developments.
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Future-proof builldings
We help our clients to answer this question on a daily basis. Whether it involves public commercial, or industrial real estate. This enables you to make the choices today that not only fit within the budget but also meet current and future needs. Even if it is not yet clear what those needs might be.

New-build, renovation or different building

One of the key challenges we assist our customers with is the choice of ‘new-build, renovation or a different building’. After all, it is not always necessary to build something new to reach a perfect solution. Redeveloping or transforming existing real estate is also an option.

This involves looking at the requirements and wishes for the future building. Who are its users, and what do they do? How will the organisation develop in the years ahead? What are its current and future needs? We identify various future scenarios and express these in adaptable building concepts that also make future developments possible. This then reveals whether we are best advised adapting existing real estate or whether new-build will be the better choice.

Positive impact on society

For any future-proof building, sustainability plays an important role. How do you reduce energy consumption? What material is the most sustainable? But also: how does the building and its environment help boost biodiversity, and how do you build in a way that is climate-friendly? build a climate-proof building?

At Royal HaskoningDHV, we want to contribute to a better world in every project. Of course, we help with meeting all legislation and regulations in order to gain planning permission, but we also go one step further. We help you to develop a building that will also have a genuinely positive impact on society. By making smart choices in terms of materials and new technologies, you can have a building that supplies energy rather than consuming it.

Smarter, future-proof construction

Before you start investing in developing a future building, you need to be sure you are getting what you want. That is why we translate the organisation’s wishes and ambitions into a technically and financially achievable plan.

To do this, we combine our knowledge and experience in such areas as architecture, engineering, and sustainability. We also make use of data-driven applications, such as parametric design and simulations, in order to visualise different scenarios and make better decisions. The result? Materials are used to optimum effect and spaces rooms more efficiently outfitted, the result of which is immediately reflected in the costs.

We will only be satisfied when everything works as desired. This is why we remain engaged throughout the realisation of the plans and when the building is in use. When necessary, we make any essential adjustments.

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