Secure the health and safety of the built environment

A pleasant, healthy, and safe building. The words may seem simple, but anyone responsible for real estate development or management knows that this is a very complex area. If everything is perfectly organised, users or visitors are unlikely to give it a second thought. But when something goes wrong, the immediate consequences are significant.
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Secure the health and safety of the built environment
This is why high standards are set when it comes to health and safety in buildings and their environment. These take the form of laws and regulations, but also the demands of people visiting the building. There are different needs for customers, patients, and people using it as workers or renting it for their organisation. A pleasant and comfortable working environment is also likely to attract new talent. At the same time, the opposite can cause stress and high levels of absence due to illness.

We help building owners, managers, and developers to meet all the safety and health-related requirements and create a building that is comfortable, safe, and healthy while also reflecting the corporate identity and catering to users’ needs.

Insight into different scenarios for a healthy building

What are the ultimate benefits of investing in health and safety? Although it is clear to everyone that a pleasant, healthy, and safe building matters, you also want to be sure that you are opting for the best, future-proof solution.

We use modelling and simulations to provide insight into different scenarios for complex buildings. This makes it possible to compare different solutions in terms of environmental impact, energy consumption, and financial investment. It also allows us to identify the choices that will result in the most improvement in such areas as acoustics, air quality or comfort. This means you know from the outset what any investment will deliver.

Creative bespoke solutions for a pleasant environment

Our primary aim is to create a pleasant environment that caters to users’ wishes and ambitions while also complying with all legislation and regulations. That not only means looking at what is technically required and possible according to the rules, but also ensuring its appropriate application.

If various types of work take place within a building, this calls for facilities to match them. This ensures that our creative solutions really work for the company and its users.

Healthy building with a good indoor climate

A comfortable indoor climate is important for the health of your building’s users. It can boost productivity and reduce absence due to illness. In a pleasant and healthy building, you need to take account of such factors as air quality, natural light, visual comfort, acoustics, and indoor temperatures.

The Dutch Buildings Decree (Bouwbesluit) stipulates minimum standards for health in buildings. To ensure that your building meets these standards, there are WELL Building Standard and Fitwel certification methods. These focus on the health and well-being of the building’s users, visitors, and staff.
Wellbeing certification WELL and Fitwel
Wellbeing certification WELL and Fitwel

Interplay with the immediate environment

The building's environment has a direct impact on health and safety. What can you see when you look out of the window? How much noise pollution does the motorway outside actually cause? The fact that we are attempting to build in increasingly complex locations also entails additional risks.

Our experts not only aim to optimise what is happening in the building but also take the outside and the wider environment into account. By thinking smartly about the environment at an early stage, we can take advantage of the opportunities it offers and make what might seem impossible possible.

Bespoke security solutions

How do you ensure that people cannot access places where you would prefer them not to be? This is a challenge for any building but especially when there are multiple tenants. It is also about more than just physical security. Protecting your data also requires a carefully considered security protocol.

Every organisation is different, which is why we do not believe in standard solutions. We help you to identify your security objectives to enable us to draw up a policy that matches your organisation and its domain of operation. We then look for technological solutions that fit the bill. It is the security strategy that determines the technology and not the other way around.

Fire safety

It is essential to consider the fire safety of a building at an early stage. The use of materials, technical systems, and evacuation routes all have an impact on the building’s safety.

By combining multiple disciplines and collaborating with architects, installers, structural engineers, and the fire service, we ensure that the building meets the relevant fire-safety requirements and yet still caters to users’ needs.
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