Climate resilience

Adapt and thrive in a changing world.
Worldmap and forest

Climate change is not just a future threat. It’s happening now.

Look at the news. You will see wildfires. Flooding. Droughts. Airports closed due to record temperatures, transport affected by low river levels, and ports damaged by storms. Extreme weather and rising seas are having a wider impact, affecting more communities and businesses, in more places, more often.

Right now, the average global temperature is 1.1°C above pre-industrial levels; even the most optimistic forecasts say we’re rapidly heading for at least 1.5°C. Whatever the future holds, one thing is clear: the impacts we see today are only the beginning.

This gives public and private sector organisations an urgent question to answer: how can we adapt to keep our communities, economies, assets and infrastructure running safely? How do we face a changing world, and thrive?

Understand your climate risk – and respond

There is good news: with the use of technology, big data analysis, and domain expertise, you can meet this challenge – while minimising your exposure to climate risk.  And from end to end, our climate resilience consultants can help you achieve just that.

The first step is understanding, quantifying, and explaining the climate risk. Then, whether you need to prevent flooding and erosion, protect assets and infrastructure, or create new policies and systems, we can plan, and implement, resilient solutions – and monitor their impacts to stay climate resilient.   

Uniquely, we combine deep domain knowledge and practical experience with the latest digital capabilities and data analytics, so you will always make the most informed and effective decision. 

Support for every stage of your climate resilience journey

Even if you cut carbon emissions to zero today, the climate will continue to change for at least a century. So while achieving net-zero is vital, adapting to climate change is equally important. 

Whether you need to engage stakeholders, quantify your risk profile, or design and implement a climate resilient solution, we are here to help you in your climate journey.  
George Peters

With 140 years of engineering experience, there’s a lot we can protect you from – but nobody can hold back changing climate. You need to adapt.

George PetersGlobal Business Development Director Climate Resilience
George Peters - Global Business Development Director Climate Resilience


Global Business Development Director Climate Resilience