Climate resilience solutions

You can’t hold back the changing climate. But you can implement adaptation measures to become resilient and mitigate risks.
Climate resilience solutions
With a global track record and 140 years of engineering heritage, we can help you identify the perfect solution, from the widest possible range of approaches. As both consultants and engineers, we understand the importance of a best-fit solution. In addition to building physical defences, we can deliver risk policies, hazard monitoring software, and much more.
And – whether you need an engineered flood defence or an innovative, nature-based solution – we’ll optimise every detail of those plans to achieve the best outcome for your investment, and with the lowest ecological and social impact and operational costs.

Climate resilience solutions for the public and private sectors

Turn your climate adaptation plan into action

There are many ways to enhance climate resilience in communities, assets, and infrastructure – and not all of them involve building new structures. 
That is why, as well as designing and engineering structures and nature-based solutions, we can deliver policies, strategies and software solutions – and other measures – that enhance resilience and meet your area’s wider needs. This means you can:

Avoid unforeseen costs

If you are going to protect assets and ensure business continuity, it is important to have a climate adaptation strategy – but that is just the start. How do you put your roadmap into action, and make those plans real in a way that delivers the best return on your investment? 
Selecting, designing, and implementing the right solution takes specialist expertise, and a trusted partner can help you make the right choices so every solution is fit for purpose, and avoids hidden costs and delays.

Win stakeholder buy in and meet broader regional needs

Beyond the nature of the solution itself, decisions about the exact location, function, materials, and design will be pivotal. They don’t just determine your project’s effectiveness in mitigating climate risk; they also define its ecological impact, development and operating costs, and – critically – stakeholder acceptance.

That is where our experience implementing climate resilience solutions worldwide, at both a local and wider scale, really makes the difference. 

We can handle an individual aspect of your programme – like conducting an environmental impact study or overseeing construction – or cover the whole project lifecycle, including continuous hazard monitoring or optimising maintenance. 

Either way, you can count on us to take the widest view and deliver the best possible outcome for you and your region.

Get peace of mind with a proven partner

Royal HaskoningDHV has delivered successful flood management, coastal protection, water resource management, and asset management solutions and consultancy all over the world. That breadth of experience gives us flexibility to recommend the perfect option, while our risk-based approach means we deliver the highest standards of safety. 
As a result, we can do far more than building your climate resilience; we can help you achieve your organisation’s broader goals, ensure compliance, reduce environmental impacts, and complete your programme as planned.  
The climate is changing.  Ready to change too? - Our climate resilience experts are here to discuss about your specific challenges.

The climate is changing. Ready to change too?

Our climate resilience experts are here to discuss about your specific challenges.


Create a coherent climate resilience roadmap
Identify possible climate adaptation strategies
Meet current and future climate challenges and risks
Make weather and climate part of your daily business decisions
Petra Dankers

Increasingly, our clients are looking beyond engineered flood defences, and considering innovative, nature-based solutions that support local biodiversity. Whichever you choose, we will optimise every detail to maximise the social and ecological benefits of your plan.

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Global Business Development Director Climate Resilience