Digital transformation for your defence facility

Take an integrated approach to technology across your naval base.

Few innovations have had as great an impact on naval bases as the adoption of digital technologies. However, key decisions about implementation can make the difference between a smart, streamlined operation and mounting technical debt.

Digitalisation can help optimise assets and operations at any naval facility. Just automating processes can eliminate human error, reduce running costs, and boost productivity. By digitising information, you improve access and enable the use of digital tools to help you make informed decisions and better support naval fleets.

But simply having the right data and software won’t make your base smart – in fact, you might simply add complexity. You need to create cohesion in your digital landscape to make your technology a strategic asset that underpins support advantage through adaption, transformation, and innovation.

Build digital opportunities into your naval base and dockyard design

At Royal HaskoningDHV, we combine expertise in data science and digitalisation alongside our deep domain knowledge in defence. It means we can find the best solutions for your naval base or dockyard that will help you to improve platform readiness and availability.

Our support starts from your strategic objectives – and encompasses a global view of digital solutions. If you’re looking for modelling software to understand your climate risk, smart mooring solutions to optimise your vessel berthing, or predictive maintenance tools to maximise the lifetime and value of your assets, we can help.

With digital solutions – implemented in the right way – you can optimise your base support operations, reduce costs, and boost productivity.

Nick MacDonald-RobinsonSector Director Defence
Nick MacDonald-Robinson - Sector Director Defence


Sector Director Defence