Meet Veeshan, Mechanical Engineer Data Centres

With 12 years of experience, Veeshan happily works as a Mechanical Engineer. He works in the mission critical facilities at Royal HaskoningDHV. This means he designs mechanical utilities that form part of a Data Centre. Curious to find out how? Then keep on reading!
veeshan naicker

There are many aspects that I enjoy at Royal HaskoningDHV. The culture can be described as very people-oriented and I receive the necessary support when required.

Veeshan NaickerMechanical Engineer Data Centres

The 6th year of working at Royal HaskoningDHV

''This is my 6th year with the organisation. I was based in the South African business unit for 5 years and transferred to Netherlands for a year now. It seems long, but time has flown by, and I have enjoyed all these years here.''

''The department I work in specialises in the design of Data Centres primarily within Europe and Africa. We are a multi-disciplinary department comprising of a large team of architects and engineers who form an efficient team that delivers quality designs to our high-profile clients. Data Centres are a growing industry, with more and more companies requiring facilities for data storage, and our team is here to provide this service, and provide it as leaders in our field.''

Challenging projects in South Africa and Germany

''I am proud of many projects to date. A project from South Africa that I am proud of is the new build of a residential and shopping estate in the breath-taking coastline of Durban, they are called ‘The Oceans Umhlanga’. This was a truly remarkable project. I saw teams from different backgrounds work together to design (and build) a multi-storey residential block, a 26 storey Radisson Blu hotel, and a large shopping mall. All within the same site. The project had strict deadlines and required a large effort for co-ordination but was successful in the end and a site to behold.''

''Another project that I am proud of in Europe is having worked on a Data Centre in Germany. This particular project was different to the normal size of a Data Centre, it was extremely large and complex in terms of IT output and the mechanical utilities to keep the facility running smoothly. It came together in the end with great teamwork and an efficient way of working.''

Why I really enjoy working at Royal HaskoningDHV

''There are many aspects that I enjoy at Royal HaskoningDHV. The culture can be described as very people-oriented and I receive the necessary support when required. I can upskill myself under a mentor which is essential for career progression and important in this fast-paced environment of Data Centres.''

''I also enjoy the work-life balance which is generally the case unless very odd circumstances ensue. There are always team building events which are superb for moral encouragement and time to step away from a workstation and get to know the people I work with outside of an office. Lastly, I enjoy the cross collaboration we have as I find myself speaking to members of our team from all parts of Europe and abroad on a daily basis.''

My advice to future colleagues

''Come with an open mind and the willingness to learn. Royal HaskoningDHV is a great company to kickstart your career. We are at the forefront when it comes to technology and knowledge. Think of designing efficient buildings, roads, bridges, airports and the list goes on. We are a global company with a long-standing history and reputation of being the best in the business (our clients attest to this often).''

Do you also want to thrive in a vibrant environment?

Then a role within the world of MEP at Royal HaskoningDHV might be a perfect fit for you!

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