Meet Oleg, Electrical Engineer Data Centres

Started off in the beginning of this year, Oleg joined Royal HaskoningDHV as an Electrical Engineer in the data centre team in Warsaw, Poland. Before this switch, he gained much work experience at different companies either in manufacturing or consulting areas. Oleg grew up in Ukraine and studied here at the University in Kyiv. In 2011, he moved to Warsaw to continue his studies at the Warsaw University of Technology. Curious what it is about his work at Royal HaskoningDHV that makes him go the extra mile? Then keep on reading!
Oleg Iaremov

If you like to work to expand your skills in a dynamic and fast environment with multiple projects, this is the place to be.

Oleg IaremovElectrical Engineer

A variety of team members with a great mindset

Working on Data Centre projects, means working within a multidisciplinary team. “The data centre team in Poland is small, but we are cooperating a lot with the colleagues in our local water team. With one of my ongoing projects for a global client, I work together with 20 people from different teams. This multidisciplinary approach is very interesting because I can discuss projects with different people that all have a different expertise. In this way, you can also develop yourself a lot.

I notice that people are open to chatting and discussing topics with each other. Also, it is good to see we strive for one goal and that we are happy to cooperate with each other. Because of this, I see projects can also move smoothly. We are planning a lot of face-to-face meetings in order to facilitate the communication with the stakeholders in a good way.”

The international scope of the job

Working in Poland does not mean you only work together with colleagues in Poland. “We work together frequently with the office in Nijmegen in The Netherlands. Besides giving us clear guidelines how to manage the projects, they also interact with the clients together with us, and we share opinions, thoughts and standards concerning global solutions. In the months I have been working at Royal HaskoningDHV, I got the opportunity to travel to the Nijmegen office in The Netherlands. It was very nice to interact with the Dutch team in person to discuss client expectations but also ongoing and future projects. The office atmosphere was also very good.”

Informative and fun events

“A lot of teambuilding events are organized which are a very nice opportunity to get to know the team in a professional and personal way. By doing this, I experience that it is easier to work together on projects. In addition, there is a mentoring team available. This teams helps you to collaborate, coordinate and communicate in a good and efficient way with lots of stakeholders by learning from people that have much experience in these areas.”

The fast-paced data centre environment

We have been involved in the emergence and development of data centres and other mission critical facilities from the pioneer phase. Throughout the revolution, our aim has been to convert client investments in data centres - anywhere in the world - into a reliable and profitable end result. “Working for global clients in data centres, I am very happy to see new standards over time and how Royal HaskoningDHV is managing its projects with a good workflow. For the last 7 years until now, I have worked on data centre projects. I am very enthusiastic to see that data centres are developing at a fast pace in its scale. For both mechanical and electrical engineers, there is a variety of activities you can do to develop yourself. Royal HaskoningDHV is the place where you learn a lot by also cooperating with different disciplines in a dynamic manner. The data centre projects are typically very dynamic, fast-paced and you have to adapt in a flexible way according to the demands from the client.

If you like to work to expand your skills in a dynamic and fast environment with multiple projects, this is the place to be. Different global clients require different standards and approaches. All data centres are therefore developed in a different way and each project is a new challenge!”

Do you want to develop yourself?

Then our global data centre competence team is the place to be.

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