Meet Nikki, Consultant Energy Transition

While studying biochemistry in Leiden and Delft, Nikki became familiar with Royal HaskoningDHV through an internship. This taught her a lot about strategy, consulting and digitalisation in the energy transition. So, with great pleasure, Nikki has moved on to become an Energy Transition Consultant. Curious to read more about her work in this innovative sector? Then read on!
Blankerts Nikki

I work in a very versatile field where decarbonisation and renewable energy are important pillars.

Nikki BlankertsConsultant Energy Transition

Innovative and sustainable projects

We work on sustainable and innovative projects that enable the various transitions in the industry. Nikki confirms this: "I work in a very versatile field in which decarbonisation and renewable energy are important pillars. For example, I am currently working on a project related to alternatives to fossil fuels. A future energy carrier I am working on is, for example, green hydrogen."

"On the other hand, projects also have to do with enabling more efficient energy use. This could be about steam systems in larger factories, for example. In another cool project, we are looking at the total sustainability picture of a recreational park, including its immediate surroundings. Renewable energy sources are an important part of this. On a personal level, sustainability is very important to me. Besides making small sustainable changes in my life, I can now make a bigger impact through the projects at Royal HaskoningDHV."

Advice with impact

Our expertise and innovations support our clients in making their business safe, energy-efficient and future-proof. Nikki adds: "It is essential to understand these companies’ needs. Combining the client's vision with our knowledge and translating that into advice that makes an impact, tailored to technical and economic feasibility, is great fun. Studies underlying advice include opportunity maps and feasibility studies, for example."

Working on your development

With us, you can craft your own career and development paths. By following your curiosity and interest, you will discover new areas of expertise to dive in, new roles to grow in and new colleagues to learn from and with. Nikki confirms this: "I am currently exploring broadly in line with my interests. The cool thing is that I have a few projects where I can contribute at a strategic level to the processes. But there are also projects where I can zoom in further on calculations and expand them step by step to the bigger idea. My interest lies in many topics, such as hydrogen, decarbonisation and heat supplies. To apply this in the industry also fits well with my background."

Inspiring meetings

We create a working environment where you feel at home and cared for. We help, educate and inspire each other.  One example is the Energy Transition Café. This is a broad gathering with all professionals from our organisation who are highly involved in the energy transition—engineers, management, strategists and business developers. Nikki is also involved in this: "In this field, it is hugely important to stay up to date, partly because of the ever-changing legislation and the uncertainty of the future. This multidisciplinary meeting allows us to brainstorm on several important topics. The first time, I immediately presented my input to management; exciting but great fun!"

Do you also want to work on a net zero world?

Then a role within the world of renewable energy and decarbonisation of industry might be a perfect fit for you!

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