Meet Lindokuhle, Airport Systems Engineer at NACO

A few years after graduating in BSc Aeronautical Engineering in South Africa, Lindokuhle joined NACO as she has a big passion for the aviation world. NACO, part of Royal HaskoningDHV, enabled her to have a lot of opportunities in this field. Curious to know more about her experiences? Then keep on reading!
Tsuhma Lindokuhle

Being part of a dynamic team that is connected worldwide has been great. I get to work with people from different countries and learn a lot from them.

Lindokuhle TshumaAirport Systems Engineer at NACO

A passion for aviation from the beginning

“When I was young, I used to wonder how an aircraft, being a very huge mass, floats in the air. That gave me a lot of curiosity about aviation which then turned into a passion.’’

The nicest part of working at NACO

“For me, it is rewarding to be a part of a team that is responsible for designing various types of airports globally with a keen focus on sustainable aviation. I find it personally satisfying to know that my contributions are instrumental in turning the airport projects into reality.”

“In my role as an Airport Systems Engineer, I have had the privilege of working on global airport design projects. My responsibilities encompass apron systems design, with a particular emphasis on implementing compliant apron floodlighting solutions, aeronautical ground lighting, and signage design. Additionally, I have been given the opportunity to oversee an ongoing project. I have also been deeply involved in assessing sustainable aviation solutions, not only in Africa but on a global scale. One of my main focuses has been exploring the potential of electric flights in Southern Africa, aiming at enhancing connectivity in the region.”

“Our team does not limit itself to traditional approaches; instead, we actively seek innovative ways to bring transformative changes to the aviation industry. This aspect of our work is incredibly exhilarating. Each day at NACO presents an opportunity for continuous learning and growth.”

The team in Johannesburg

“Being part of a dynamic team that is connected worldwide has been great. I get to work with people from different countries and learn a lot from them. The team is super supportive and helps me grow as a young professional, which l am truly grateful for We not only work hard but also have fun together. We celebrate when we achieve our project goals and do activities that bring us closer as a team.”

Always giving back

“As someone who is passionate about women empowerment, I have been fortunate to be involved in contributing to the Girls In Aviation Day initiative. This initiative is dedicated to raising awareness among young females about the aviation industry.”

Do you also thrive on working in an international environment?

Then our aviation team is the place to be.

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