Meet Kreanta, Aviation Systems Consultant and Associate Director at NACO

Besides working as an Aviation Systems Consultant, Kreanta also got the opportunity to become an Associate Director. With a lot of energy and enthusiasm, she combines working on projects and being a team manager. Read her story!
Kreanta Moodley

It is priceless to be surrounded by experts at NACO. I can definitely learn every single day!

Kreanta MoodleyAviation Systems Consultant and Associate Director at NACO

More about my role

“While working at NACO, the aviation consultancy brand of Royal HaskoningDHV, I have specialised in airside systems. I am the lead engineer in Apron Floodlighting (AFL) which I really enjoy. AFL is located on the airport apron, this is the area of an airport where aircrafts may load or unload passengers, park and service their vehicle. Apron Floodlighting is lighting fixtures that are placed on high masts and allows for safe aircraft movements and apron operations during low visibility conditions and at night.’’

“On the other spectrum, I also work on Airfield Ground Lighting (AGL). This has to do with lighting on the airside, i.e. the runway, centerline, taxiway and approach lighting and airfield signage. I work with a lot of colleagues from around the world, it involves multidisciplinary work and eventually it all comes together in the form of integrated designs.”

The move to an Associate Director

“Now that I made the move to an Associate Director, I experience that the transition was fairly smooth as I was already part of the team. I really enjoy working with my team and that is why it feels comfortable to take care of the team. In this role, I manage our team to make sure the work goes smoothly and everybody is happy within their role. I am also responsible for building the right strategies, budgeting, resourcing, and team development for aviation consultancy projects. Royal HaskoningDHV gives me room to also follow leadership courses to develop myself on this area.’’

Inspiring and exciting projects in Aruba and Australia

“One of the first projects I worked on was related to apron floodlighting for Queen Beatrix International Airport in Aruba. It was a really good project to learn and develop my skills. I also worked on the approach lighting in the sea. I got to travel to Aruba and experience the approach and landing phases of the airplanes. The combination of working on designs and seeing the implementation of what you worked on was a great experience. I find what I do extremely rewarding. I am able travel to countries that I would never have dreamed of and working with different cultures is also very meaningful.’’

“The biggest project I have worked on was the Western Sydney Airport in Australia. I got to work with the project team on-site for five months. This was such a big adventure, and luckily I could take my family along as well. In this project, I worked together with design teams from different companies and departments from within Royal HaskoningDHV. You stretch across the entire global company and this is very exciting!’’

My feeling about the organisation

“Many specialties and experts put together a plan to build an airport. It is a great feeling when everything comes to life and we see airports being built. Airports bring people together; it brings prosperity and value to the country as well. That really makes me happy and gives me a lot of satisfaction. And it is also priceless to be surrounded by such experts. I can definitely learn every single day! In the organisation, I have room to always explore new trends and developments to eventually challenge myself to come up with better designs every day.’’

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