Meet Khaled, Energy Consultant & Electrical Power Specialist

After his Electrical Engineering studies, Khaled joined Royal HaskoningDHV about two years ago. To be precise, in our Industry & Energy division, where we deal with enabling the energy transition, in which decarbonisation of industry and sustainable forms of energy are vital themes. And as both a specialist and consultant in the field of electrical energy systems, Khaled contributes to this daily. Curious about his experiences at Royal HaskoningDHV? Then read on!
Khaled Chehab

I work with a mix of juniors, mediors, seniors and a project manager in my projects, so there are always different perspectives.

Khaled ChehabEnergy Consultant & Electrical Power Specialist

My work as a consultant and specialist

We work for a lot of different clients in different countries and sectors. However, all our projects have at least one thing in common: with our expertise and innovations, we support our clients in making their businesses safe, energy-efficient and future-proof. Similarly, Khaled: "I am mainly involved in projects in the field of the energy transition, for example, for Data Centres, in which I apply my knowledge of Electrical Engineering. These can be proposals in the consultancy corner and working on important projects in the energy transition. In addition, I enjoy researching and delving into complex topics. For example, topics such as decarbonisation, electrification, grid systems and managing efficient and renewable energy systems. In this way, I make an impact step by step and contribute to a better and greener world."

Diverse colleagues and projects

"Because I perform different roles, I don't see my work as routine. I always work with different colleagues, which makes my work very diverse. Because I work on a project for about 1-2 months on average, I am involved in many different projects. I learn a new lesson in every project, and by continuing to challenge myself, I grow the most. And do I have fewer projects for once? Then I use this time to attend training courses. After all, I am always motivated. It's nice that these opportunities are there."

Learning a lot from others

By looking at a problem from different perspectives, we come up with fresh and innovative ideas. Khaled also notices this: "It's nice that there are so many colleagues, which allows you to learn much from each other. For example, if I want to speak to a specialist on hydrogen, I can contact the right colleagues within Royal HaskoningDHV. That is very nice! I work with a mix of juniors, mediors, seniors and a project manager in my projects, so there are always different perspectives."

Extra initiatives

Not only do we work hard for our clients, but we also encourage our colleagues to share knowledge. "For the Energy & Process group, I regularly organise knowledge sessions where each time a colleague presents new knowledge. This gives us new inspiration to do our work even better. I also participate in the Young Professional Programme. In this program,  you work on your soft and hard skills on a personal and professional level together with other juniors that just started their career. This also helps me understand more about the different roles and departments in the company and where my opportunities lie."

A friendly atmosphere

"I have very nice and enthusiastic colleagues who are easy to get along with. We energise and inspire each other, which is very nice. This makes for a good atmosphere! We also have many offices in the Netherlands. I can work wherever I want, sometimes in Utrecht and other times in Rotterdam or Amersfoort. This allows you to get to know many new people."

Do you also want to work on a net zero world?

Then a role within the world of renewable energy and decarbonisation of industry might be a perfect fit for you!

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