Meet Beyza, Marketing Specialist Water & Maritime

While studying Media & Business at Erasmus University, Beyza got the opportunity to follow a marketing internship at Royal HaskoningDHV. After successfully completing her internship and study, she was inspired to continue working at Royal HaskoningDHV. Curious about Beyza’s experiences working on various marketing projects? Then keep on reading!
Beyza Delikanli

I personally feel there is really an open communication atmosphere.

Beyza DelikanliMarketing Specialist Water & Maritime

My role as a Marketing Specialist

“As a marketing specialist, I support multiple global leading markets, namely water technology and climate resilience. I support marketing managers with creating the campaign strategies and I also work on marketing communication activities which have more to do with the operational side of marketing. I work closely with the corporate marketing team to set up campaigns and evaluate it. As an example, if there is an event I will be responsible for creating the landing page on the website and the creation and publishment of the content for different social channels. Also, the use of internal communication is very important. Royal HaskoningDHV is an international organization, me and my colleagues are very international coming from Turkey (myself), Greece, the UK and the US for example. Because we act globally and projects are very diverse, I discover something new every time.”

The team culture and dynamics

“I personally feel there is really an open communication atmosphere. I can and am encouraged to ask any question I might have during my projects. For example, during the community meet-up with all our marketing colleagues at the office, I notice that everybody is open to hear different ideas and strategies. Colleagues are exchanging their critical thoughts about topics which is very great and important to do. Besides that, our team is very diverse. Colleagues are coming from really different backgrounds. This allows me to understand other people’s experiences and cultures on a personal level.”

Close collaborations among colleagues

“Recently, I have worked on an awareness campaign. Before we had our external launch, we did a webinar and video shootings with our business developers internally to actually tell our story to let them understand the marketing ideas behind the campaign. This allowed them to share the message in a better way to their clients. I think this collaboration with internal communications, marketing and business developers was really inspiring.”

A good work-life balance

“For me, it is really important to have a good balance between work and social life. During my work, I notice that I can execute my tasks and assignment in a flexible way. As long as you take your own responsibility to do the job, you can be flexible where needed. You can think of working from home, but also leaving earlier to do something else. There is no pressure here. There are also a lot of check-in moments from my colleagues to know how I am doing and how the workload is. I appreciate this very much.”

Training opportunities

“At the start, I did not have much experience working in marketing related systems, but since I started working here I could follow several trainings on this topic. By asking questions and practising in the systems, I could improve myself very much. That is why Royal HaskoningDHV feels like a school to me where I can constantly develop myself. I can see the full scope of marketing here.”

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