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The BrITE Foundation is a charity fund set up and run by Royal HaskoningDHV’s employees
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A commitment we choose to make

People working at Royal HaskoningDHV want to make a real difference in the world. That’s why our employees through the BrITE Foundation contribute their own time, individual expertise and private money. The Foundation delivers small-scale charity projects for people and planet, close to their hearts and field of expertise. This is a commitment we choose to make; not because we have to. Our employees care about positively impacting the lives of vulnerable people and improving their living environment. The BrITE Foundation enables our employees to enhance society.

the Sign of Silence Hostel

Helping the deaf become self-reliant, Ghana

In April 2023, BrITE donated 3,600 euros to the Job Creation and Training Centre for the Deaf (JCTC) in Kumasi, Ghana, where deaf trainees get a chance to become independent. They are trained to be a caterer, hard- and software repairer, carpenter hairdresser and a seamstress. In addition, the centre opened the Sign of Silence Hostel to introduce tourists to life as a deaf person in Ghana and to use all income of the hostel for the centre. The BrITE Foundation contributed to the opening of the hostel by funding an access road, security gate and parking spaces.

Educating children on the beach, Indonesia

In November 2022, BrITE helped revitalise an education program on the beach at East Java ran by Indonesian NGO Project Child (PC). Some 70 kids aged 4-12 years are being educated here on environmental conservation, disaster preparedness, and practical health. PC Indonesia operates an existing school which has 4 buildings built mainly from bamboo. The school had been inactive during the pandemic leaving the buildings in poor condition. BriTE has committed up to 8,500 euros for the construction of new classrooms in early 2023.
classroom in indonesia
Children on a playground in Vietnam

Bringing some fun to kids in Vietnam

Through the Bamboo Bridge organisation, BrITE supported the build of a playground for kids who live in a shelter in the province of Dong Nai. The project seeks to change the lives of some 50 kids who live in the shelter and the surrounding area. By building a simple but durable playground and basketball/football play area, the project will enhance the local community as well. The playground will give the kids some safe freedom and fun. In 2022, BrITE has allocated 10,000 euros to the playground works expected to be completed by early 2023.

Making a positive impact on the environment: World Cleanup Day

In 2022, the BrITE Foundation again partnered with World Cleanup Day, a one-day annual global event aimed at creating awareness and combating the global litter problem. Colleagues from 38 offices around the world joined forces and collected 750 bags of waste. Again, we’re extremely proud we joined.

People cleaning up the environment
Woman in a greenhouse

Helping to secure a future for seagrass, United Kingdom

In April 2022, the BrITE Foundation made a donation of 10,000 euros to Project Seagrass. This organisation is a global facing environmental charity devoted to the conservation of seagrass ecosystems through research, community and action. The money has been used to purchase a temperature-controlled seed storage unit at the seagrass nursery in Wales. This refrigerated container will allow Project Seagrass to store more seeds at stable temperatures for the short-term and to trial long-term storage if needed. The work Project Seagrass do is very much needed as marine wildlife and global communities depend on seagrass meadows which are in decline.

Fostering friendship on a wave: Disabled Surfers Association, Australia

In Australia, BrITE supported the Disabled Surfers Association (DSA) Sydney who aim to help hundreds of people with disabilities back into the water. In 2022, BrITE provided AUD $6,000 to purchase two accessible surfboards and a beach wheelchair. DSA Sydney is a purely voluntary organisation established in 1986 when, after a motorcycle accident, founder Gary Blaschke realised that many people with disabilities faced difficulties getting into the water at the beach due to lack of infrastructure and support. Through various events, DSA Sydney helps members to (renew) interest in surfing and to become part of a community again.
People holing up a certificate
People holding up a solar panel

Bringing electricity to a rural community hospital in Cambodia

In cooperation with the Raise and Support the Poor organisation, BrITE sponsored a solar energy project in Cambodia. In 2022, solar panels were installed on top of the roof of a newly built community hospital and solar lighting was installed in the street. Sustainable energy is vital for the daily tasks in the hospital and bringing electricity to this rural community will improve people’s quality of life. Over 10,000 people in the community benefit from it.

Supporting families forced to flee their homes in Ukraine

In March 2022, the BrITE Foundation donated 50,000 euros to UN Refugee Agency UNHCR in support of the Ukrainian refugees following the appalling Russian invasion. Our thoughts are with all those affected and we hope that this contribution will help achieve some of the much needed support. UNHCR is busy providing food and water, medicine and shelter to refugees entering Poland and other neighbouring countries of the Ukraine. In addition they provide humanitarian and protection assistance to those who have been affected in the areas hardest hit by the war within Ukraine.
Family hugging covered with Ukrainian flag
Pupils sitting at wooden desk

Contributing to a safe and supportive school environment, Kenya

In 2021, BrITE supported the Macheo Children’s Organization in Kenya with the donation of 240 desks to various primary schools. In Kenya, a considerable number of pupils in primary schools study in bad conditions due to poor infrastructure. This makes it harder for them to perform well. With help from the BrITE Foundation, Macheo was able to provide 240 desks and 480 children got a place to sit and write on. This has created an inviting, safe, inclusive, and supportive environment for pupils by ensuring they are learning in a comfortable environment. The provided desks also went a long way towards maintaining the much-required social distancing in schools (less pupils sit at one desk), therefore, making it much safer for children to learn.


The BrITE Foundation is a charitable fund set up and run by employees to create positive impact on the world. The BrITE Foundation is managed by the Board of the BrITE Foundation. Royal HaskoningDHV employees can donate to the fund through contributing a proportion of their salary to the fund for charity projects. Employees exclusively can also put forward a project to the Board who will decide if the project is eligible for funding. The BrITE Foundation observes Royal HaskoningDHV’s integrity code.
Marcel Nijssen - Treasurer of the BrITE Foundation


Treasurer of the BrITE Foundation