Water utilities - water and wastewater infrastructure

Twinn helps you create a more reliable and resilient infrastructure – while reducing emissions and energy use. How? By giving you actionable insight across the water cycle – and a simple way to optimise performance 24/7.

An aerial view of a water treatment plant with a digital overlay

Foresee critical situations developing in your drinking water and wastewater infrastructure – and resolve them easily.

With Twinn’s predictive analytics and machine learning, it’s easy to monitor, visualise, predict and control your infrastructure’s performance in real-time. Alerts flag potential issues so you can rectify them before they cause problems, and automation helps you optimise processes and performance. Twinn works with all sensors, hardware and systems across drinking water and municipal and industrial wastewater. It’s backed by 140 years of engineering excellence and continuously improved by our 600-strong team of water experts. With this combination of software, data and domain expertise, drinking water utilities can provide a more resilient water supply at an efficient pressure while reducing leaks. And wastewater utilities can more easily comply with strict regulations while minimising polluting and sewer overflows.

What you can do with Twinn


Real-time performance of your entire water and wastewater infrastructure
  • Integrate all your sensor, hardware and system data in a single, user-friendly tool that provides actionable insight
  • Get easy-to-access data on KPIs such as leakage levels, power usage and flow levels


What will happen in the next day, week, month and beyond – by combining system data with external sources like forecasted rain
  • Make accurate predictions so you can anticipate demand and changing conditions
  • Gain visibility on flow rates, wastewater and sludge transport, pipe failures and more – so you can make more informed planning decisions


Critical situations because you can foresee them and act earlier
  • Avoid blocked sewers and other wastewater management headaches using AI and machine learning
  • Detect leaks and bursts fast using highly accurate AI prediction – Twinn has reduced time to detection by 2-3 days and leak volumes by 30-40%


Operations within networks, assets and systems using actionable insight and automation
  • Automate tasks involved in managing increasingly complex infrastructure using Twinn’s AI-powered virtual operator
  • Leverage machine learning to ensure there’s enough water for all, at the best possible quality and pressure, and with efficient pumping


Twinn Aqua Suite leak detection and localisation is helping us reduce our leakage levels. It has helped us reduce the run time of critical burst mains on our network by 40%.

Sian EvansLead Network Strategy Analyst at SES Water
Bernard McWeeney - Global Sales Director, Aqua Suite


Global Sales Director, Aqua Suite