Ensis - Environmental consent management platform

For offshore industries
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increased operational efficiencies

Increased operational efficiencies

A collaboration platform that brings environmental and engineering teams together, keeping them in-sync and focused. Ensis smooths communications, documentation and review processes, and optimises work flows.

Improved project delivery and compliance

Meet environmental compliance without the headache. So that everybody understands what the project has committed to, how this will be delivered and can prove that it has been delivered.
decision making

More knowledge for better decision-making

Developed by our offshore wind consents team and a major offshore wind developer, Ensis provides a cloud-based platform for post-consent monitoring of nationally significant infrastructure projects.

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Identify what matters quickly; ditch the spreadsheets; collaborate to ensure understanding and keep on top of project compliance – all with Ensis Smart Consenting. 

White paper

Digital transformation of offshore wind consent management

Discover how to improve your environmental consent process from site selection to commission of offshore wind farms, based on collaborative research with environmental and engineering experts
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Digital transformation of offshore wind consent management

A collaboration platform that brings environmental and engineering teams together

Streamline work processes

Avoid repetitive work by making it easy to extract every condition and commitment from legal documentation.

Reduce human error
By automatically generate the project’s commitment register and linking every commitment to the relevant information.
Better project management
Speed up understanding by allocating commitments and tasks to teams across the project.
Enjoy increased time savings
Avoid long meetings by enabling asynchronous working to review commitment details, by stakeholders inside and outside the project.
Remove duplicates
By grouping, tagging and merging commitments.
Automate monitoring
By connecting to relevant data sources.

Easily the best way to compile and manage a commitment register.

Claire DavisOffshore Wind Post Consent Manager

Global Offshore Wind 2022 Finalist, Performance and Reporting Transparency, Daniel Smith, Royal HaskoningDHV.

Global Offshore Wind award winner, Ensis Smart Consenting