An early feasability study for a new berth

Foyle Port required an overview appraisal of their proposed berth layout and an ‘order of magnitude’ regarding the cost of the scheme. This was a short pre-feasibility study that would guide the decision making and the next steps in the procurement process.

Project facts

  • Client
    Foyle Port
  • Location
  • Period
    2018 - 2019
  • Challenge
    Appraisal of the proposed berth layout and an ‘order of magnitude’ regarding the cost of the scheme.
  • Solution
    We assessed the feasibility of constructing a deep water berth for cruise vessels at Greencastle.

The proposed deep water berth is an extension to the south of an existing quay and consists of a 150m long structure which could be constructed of a combi wall with compacted fill behind, or an open deck structure supported on tubular piles. When not used as a day-call cruise berth it would provide a heavy loadout quay and support either the offshore wind or tidal turbine market.

A report was prepared by Royal HaskoningDHV analysing the following:

  • Berthing and mooring structures
  • Min quay structure
  • Cost
  • Programme

The cost and programme elements were split into three distinct sections that included:

  1. Environmental permissions
  2. Planning and design
  3. Construction

The concise report was issued to the Client giving clear information on the project timings and costs. Royal HaskoningDHV continued to support the Client in the feasibility phase.

Eric Smit - Maritime Business development Director


Maritime Business development Director