COP27: Shifting from pledging to implementation

Turning ambitious pledges into implementation is a focus at COP27. Concrete action on existing promises is highly anticipated, as the world approaches the tipping point for limiting global warming to 1.5 °C. The COP27 goals - mitigation, adaptation and collaboration - are closely aligned to areas we specialise in. Meet our climate change experts and discover how we’re shifting perspectives, alongside clients and communities, to ensure smart and sustainable transitions in an ever-changing world.

What is the point in COP27?

Our experts will be sharing their perspectives on the value of COP27 as we shift from pledges to real action. Here’s a taster of what they have to say.

Climate resilience

In the flood resilience sector, engineers, analysts and local communities are working to save lives, livestock and infrastructure. Through technology and innovative solutions, there are routes to safety - but the gravity of the challenge can't be overstated. Discover how we're supporting clients and communities in becoming climate resilient.

Decarbonisation of industry 

Decarbonisation is on the agenda at COP27 and rising on the agenda of every sector. While each faces its own obstacles to success, they are united by the urgency of the challenge. 2030 targets are less than a decade away and time is running out to make some of the big steps needed. Find out what those steps are and what we're doing to help businesses navigate the energy transition.

Sustainable mobility

As demand for mobility increases and climate impacts throw up fresh dangers - our mobility systems are in transition. Where that transition takes us will be decided by how courageous we are in the face of the challenge. 


Water is predicted to be the main cause of new wars in the future, but it remains a neglected and underappreciated topic in global conversations; something COP27 has sought to rectify. Discover more about climate change, its risks for water supply in developing countries and our work in Water to support communities in accessing water and protecting supply. 


The manufacturing industries and supply chains are not new to sustainability, but for some time it has been a 'nice to have' when it works for budgets. However, the realities of climate change and the challenges of an energy crisis in Europe have put the importance of sustainability in focus. 

Green ports

The maritime sector is a historically hard to abate industry when it comes to decarbonisation. But as ports face increasing climate impacts, the calls for change are growing. Discover how our Green Ports team can help drive the transition to net zero carbon.

Data centres

Data centres present an exciting opportunity on the forefront of sustainability. We’re already working on projects that harness the significant by-products of data processing to provide energy and heat to surrounding businesses and even cities. Discover more about the role of data centres in an increasingly digital world and the goals for the industry in the face of climate change.  

Looking back at COP27

Our Leading Professional Enhancing Society Together shares his reflections on the outcomes from COP27. Good news is that Brazil is back at the table and that progress has been made on loss and damage. Watch his remarks.
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