Net zero solutions

Gradually transition to net zero with effective solutions that are carefully tested, developed and paced to fit your overall strategy and feasible timeline. We make sure your business continues operating at optimal effectiveness while you simultaneously build the foundation for your net zero goals.
Net Zero solutions

Your solutions for net zero

Many companies understand the benefits of net zero but struggle with defining which solutions will optimise their decarbonization goals best. How to reduce energy consumption? What alternatives for fossil fuel are feasible? And which other energy sources could you implement for your specific plants and processes?

At Royal HaskoningDHV, we identify and implement the best net zero solutions for your organisation and help you secure business continuity.

Net zero transition assistance

With program management, we help you create a plan to reach net zero by identifying the best solutions and taking logical steps towards implementation. This includes managing projects, meeting deadlines and budgets, and communicating with stakeholders. We also gather and report data on the effectiveness of your net zero efforts and track indicators such as reliability, safety, compliance, carbon reduction, behavioural change and cost control.

Net Zero solutions
Net Zero solutions

Permitting, finance & conduct engineering

To make sure your project is financially secure, we will conduct detailed engineering. Additionally, we help you get all the necessary permits and conditions to build and use the site. We will set up the necessary work processes and data structure to ensure that the site meets net zero performance standards. And to find the most cost-effective financial solution, we will create a business case. Finally, we will use advanced data solutions to track the performance and usage of utilities  to achieve the net zero solutions.

Define & implement decarbonisation solutions

We will implement several solutions to reduce energy, electrification of your assets and shifting to renewable energy sources. These solutions include replacing fossil fuel equipment and utilities with clean alternatives and using renewable energy sources like wind, solar, hydrogen and thermal.

Net Zero solutions
Net Zero solutions

Asset management & continuous improvement

To complete the final step on the journey to net zero solutions, it is important to have a well-organized and knowledgeable team with appropriate systems and tooling. This way we  know how to optimize their performance throughout their lifecycle. We will advise on how to effectively manage your assets and provide you with predictive tools to ensure they are operating at their best.

Discuss your ideas

We understand that it takes more than just a webpage to make a decision on where to start your net zero journey. Please contact us, we are here to help you gain clarity and move with confidence.
Klaas Koop - Senior consultant Net zero industries


Senior consultant Net zero industries