The new underground parking garage in Katwijk aan Zee is the result of a multifaceted commission granted to Royal HaskoningDHV by the Municipality of Katwijk. Royal HaskoningDHV is responsible for the architectural design of the underground parking and translated this design into a Building Quality Plan. Based on this Building Quality Plan, Ballast Nedam, in cooperation with ZJA, engineered the integral design (architectural, functional, structural and installation) for the realization of the parking garage. 

The Building Quality Plan includes detailed visualisations of the desired design for the public entrances, the entrance and exit ways for vehicles, the emergency exits, as well as general design notes on the house style of the signing (routing, orientation and identification). The Quality Plan also includes the conditions to which the architectural design should adhere.

The location of the parking garage, in between the dike and the boulevard of Katwijk, makes it quite unique in the Netherlands. Great attention has been given to the functional design due to its elongated form (500m) and the 663 parking spots the garage houses. The designers respected the fact that users need to quickly orientate themselves when inside the garage, and quickly find their way out to either the town or the beach.

Naturally embedded in the landscape

The architectural design of the parking garage builds forth on the design of the public space, developed by OKRA landscape architects, and respects and adheres to its conditions. The result is that the design integrates the garage and its entrance and exit ways into the natural surroundings, i.e. the dune landscape. The design also ensures that the colours and materials used fuse seamlessly into the urban fabric of Katwijk aan Zee and its characteristic dune landscape.

Those who visit and make use of the garage grade it an 8,5 out of 10

For seven days, from the 4th to the 11th of February, residents of Katwijk were allowed to test-park their vehicle in the new garage. When asked, the residents of Katwijk graded the garage an 8,5 out of 10.

In the period prior to the realisation of the underground parking garage Royal HaskoningDHV consulted in the following areas:

  • Development of the architectural design, including the design of the entrance and exit ways
  • Development of the functional design of the garage, including the organisation of the parking places
  • Building quality plan and spatial organisation
  • Research into the infrastructural design as well as effect on the surroundings
  • Fire safety and technical installations

During the building phase Royal HaskoningDHV was also an active member of the contract team. Kustwerk Katwijk has been realised in a collaborative effort between Ballast Nedam and Rohde Nielsen.

Construction Phase

During the Construction Phase Royal HaskoningDHV was part of the Contract Team Kustwerk Katwijk. 

The scope of works for Kustwerk Katwijk has been carried out by the consortium Ballast Nedam – Rohde Nielsen and its construction partners in an Engineering and Construct contract.

On the basis of the architectural design Ballast Nedam and ZJA elaborated a bid design and optimized the design on a detail-level. Special attention has been given to a careful integration and materialization of the entrances into the dunes.

In the architectural design, the underground car park is considered to be a full-fledged public space with a high quality finish using colors and icons that strengthens the orientation of the user. ZJA has retained the design of the corporate identity as consistently as possible and lifted the use of the icons and color scheme to a higher level.

About Project Katwijk

A large part of The Netherlands lies under sea level, making it imperative that the country is well protected from the sea. The country’s coastal protection plan heeds to stringent safety laws and regulations. The coastal region of Katwijk and its dike did not meet safety standards, however, and has therefore been reinforced. Additionally, the surrounding urban situation in Katwijk aan Zee required additional parking facilities.

The new underground parking garage has been built in between the boulevard and the dike. The Dike-in-Dune reinforcement plan offers safety from the sea and extra parking facilities, while retaining a high level of spatial quality.

The project Kustwerk Katwijk is a collaborative effort involving the municipality of Katwijk, the water board, the Province of South Holland and Rijkswaterstaat, together with stakeholders, to realise a safe and beautiful coastal region with the added benefit of additional parking facilities.

ClientMunicipality of Katwijk Period2010-2015
LocationKatwijk aan Zee, The NetherlandsServicesArchitecture, Project management, contract management, building services, structural design
Scope15.000 m2 TeamRichard van den Brule, Filipa Vieira Santos, Joost van Noort, Freek Leber, Jan Brantjes, Jurgen Herbschleb

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