More and more industries realise the importance water has to their operations and success. It affects their bottom line, business continuity, stakeholder engagement, investment and development decisions. Better understanding of risks and opportunities related to water determines the long-term success of operations.

To manage risks and reduce business disruption caused by extreme weather and climate change, industries must choose how, not if, they integrate water-risk mitigation measures throughout their operation.

In this series we are discussing insights and solutions on how to improve business continuity, water stewardship and sustainable water use for Industry with our very own experts, leaders and innovators.

About Water for Industry


Every industry wants to maximize production capacity and improve its sustainability and environmental compliance while reducing OPEX. Often those industries will hear that they need to build a new asset to achieve those goals, bringing along a large CAPEX.

But, optimising, debottlenecking and extending your assets and their performance will harvest the same results, improving performance, reducing OPEX and keeping CAPEX low. How?

We will tell you in our webinar ‘How to optimise and extend industrial wastewater treatment plant performance and reduce OPEX ’ on Tuesday 30 March.

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Water impacts organisations’ bottom line. More and more industries see the business value that water holds and increase its measuring and monitoring. Lennart Silvis, Global Director Water for Industry says digitalization will increasingly impact efficiency, sustainability and business continuity.

During the water for industry series multiple experts of Royal HaskoningDHV and leaders and frontrunners of the water sector have shared their insights and best practices with us. In his final blog Lennart looks back at the knowledge, tools and solutions shared. 

It’s time for next steps in water savings, reuse and improving water stewardship - securing your business continuity. Are you with us?

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Read about creating business value through water

“No one can deal with water stress alone. Industries, private parties and governments have to embrace the complexity of water challenges together.” 

Lennart Silvis, Global Director Water for Industry Royal HaskoningDHV

Science based targets to combat water stress

As we face more and more droughts it is critical that industry moves to industrial symbiosis, water reuse and science based targets in water management.  “Solutions derived from Science Based Targets and cooperation are truly about closing the water loop" says Lennart Silvis, Global Director Water for Industry at Royal HaskoningDHV.

Together with your people on industrial sites and surrounding stakeholders we develop solutions to become more water efficient.

No one can deal with water stress alone!

Watch Lennart’s vlog below.

“Science Based Targets set the bar for involving other stakeholders like cities, other industries or agriculture. And this offers a different space of solutions: solutions that make different water users interact. And that’s what we need to be able to deal with current and future water stress.” 

Lennart Silvis, Global Director Water for Industry Royal HaskoningDHV


With growing urbanisation, ever more critical consumers and an increasing water scarcity it is time for industries to act. Sustainable water use not only benefits communities and environment, but also seriously impacts industries’ bottom line. In his blog Robert van der Noordaa, Business Development Manager Industries & Buildings at Royal HaskoningDHV gives his insights in what trends there currently are and are yet to come for water use in industry.

Read Robert’s blog on ‘Made with recycled water'

“Since the planet’s resources are stretched with a growing population, the environmental impact of any industry needs to be minimized as much as possible. Sustainable and environmentally friendly production are becoming more and more important.” 

Robert van der Noordaa, Business Development Manager Industry & Buildings, Royal HaskoningDHV


“Proper flood resilience for industrial sites –whether they’re ports, production or energy sites –will be important in preparing for the future in which good data analytics and modelling is a crucial factor” says Matthijs Bos, Consultant Flood Risk Management and Coastal Engineering at Royal HaskoningDHV. “But to date it has been a difficult thing to standardise; ensuring the same detail required for specific sites, same information and the same process.”

In his blog ‘Providing Protection and security through our Global Flood Risk Tool” Matthijs shares his insights on how staying informed on flood risk will help you make the best preparations possible to ensure business resilience.

Read Matthijs’ blog on preparing for business resilience

Want to know more on Comprehensive flood risk analysis through cloud-computing and how it can help your organisation prepare for business resilience?

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“The beauty of the GFRT is that as more data becomes available it is fed into the modelling, meaning it grows more accurate as time passes – and leading with visual mapping makes it almost like a Google Maps for flood modelling!” 

Matthijs Bos, Consultant Flood Risk Management and Coastal Engineering at Royal HaskoningDHV


Environmental compliance is becoming more rigorous and at the same time the sector is dealing with an ageing water infrastructure and an older workforce, nearing retirement.To make the increasingly complex water infrastructure manageable, the ability to make accurate predictions of what will happen is crucial to achieve positive outcomes.

Aquasuite’s Virtual Operator will help you do this. Read all about how it works and what advantages it brings you in our Whitepaper.

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“Imagine not only foreseeing critical situations developing in your drinking water and wastewater infrastructure, but being able to resolve them easily.” 

Aquasuite team on the Virtual Operator for Industry

Building partnerships to achieve proper water stewardship

“In a future where resource-scarcity will increasingly become the norm, alongside an urgency in dealing with climate change, the importance of proper water stewardship has never been more important. An increasing number of industries recognize their significant exposure to water-derived risks and have begun to become good water stewards” says Arief Herusaktiawan, Business Developer Water Indonesia at Royal HaskoningDHV.

At Royal HaskoningDHV we support businesses in understanding and implementing proper water stewardship.

Read about water stewardship in Arief’s blog

“Ultimately, water is a collective resource – and in order to manage and sustain it for many decades to come, we must work collectively; cooperating between the private and public sector to ensure proper water availability and usage.” 

Arief Herusaktiawan, Business Developer Water Indonesia at Royal HaskoningDHV


As Industry 4.0 moves from hype to reality, the opportunities are fast being recognised by industries seeking to optimise their main manufacturing process. Robert Jan Smeets, Global Market Segment Coordinator Water for Industry at Royal HaskoningDHV urges industry to see the impact goes far beyond the primary process alone and that it could also have a big impact on efficiency, sustainability, business resilience and profit when applied to all plant processes, including water and wastewater treatment.

At Royal HaskoningDHV we ensure the above via combining the Aquasuite software with our expert operational support.


Read about Industry 4.0 in Robert Jan’s blog

“Our goal is not just to improve efficiency and robustness of the treatment plant, but also to increase and secure the on-site knowledge, so that it becomes and remains accessible to you, our clients.” 

Robert Jan Smeets, Global Market Segment Coordinator Water for Industry at Royal HaskoningDHV


Business operations are impacted directly and indirectly by the complex cascading effects of severe weather events caused by climate change. Lack of insight in the severity and frequency of these events on a global and local scale, puts your business more at risk than in the past.

We at Royal HaskoningDHV know about the changing external weather and climate factors you face and how it can impact your industry, locations, physical assets, business processes and portfolios.

Find out how digital services can reduce your financial and operational risk:


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Our aim is to secure your business continuity now, and in the future. Your business is our concern.