We are talking to leaders, innovators and operators in the Water Industry to explore how we are all contributing to creating a Virtuous Water Cycle for Smart Places, in envisioning the Water Circuit of the Future.

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Royal HaskoningDHV will be sharing our experiences and innovations in creating the Water Circuit of the Future at Amsterdam International Water Week and Aquatech Amsterdam during the first week of November. The over-arching theme of AIWW2019 is ‘Implementation of Integrated Solutions by Cities, Industries, Utilities and Financiers: from cases to bankable projects’. AIWW2019 will showcase integrated, feasible approaches to water innovation and management.

Curious about the Water Circuit of the Future?

We believe that Smart Places are the future of the built environment. They allow us to respond at a faster pace to changes all around us such as technology change, climate change, energy transition and safety concerns. As the water industry we play a crucial role in creating these Smart Places by creating the Water Circuit of the Future.

The Water Circuit of the Future is a seamless virtual and physical one, optimising the use of resources and providing transparent and especially, safe access of water to all users. We already see how this Virtuous Water Cycle is enhancing the efficiency of Smart Places such as Smart Cities, Airports and Ports, workspaces and homes. We continue to invest in software, people and technology so that together with you we deliver the building blocks for a Virtuous Water Circuit and Smart Places. 

“Digital Twinning is here and now and will continue to grow, estimated to reach a
market size of US$26 billion by 2025

Niels Schallenberg, Global Director: Water Business Line | Royal HaskoningDHV

Digital Twins | Mirrors of Smart Places

Digital Twins are examples or building blocks of Smart Places. As digital mirrors of real-life assets they allow for more accurate and quicker decision-making, thereby optimising asset performance, predictive maintenance and simulation of capex extensions. They allow fast paced improvement of operations by using data science and algorithms.

Virtual Water for Virtual Singapore

Cities such as Singapore are already linking digital twins to create Virtual Singapore, the city’s 3D twin. Virtual Water is a digital twin of Singapore’s water systems which runs atop Virtual Singapore ensuring that mitigation measures can be conceived and tested for improving liveability for citizens and resource planning for businesses. H2i is a strategic partner of Royal HaskoningDHV.

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Hydro Twinning |  Digital Twinning for Water

Royal HaskoningDHV has a seamless offering of software services, technology and consulting engineering to create the Water Circuit of the Future. This includes the creation of Hydro Twins – Digital Twins which mirror Smart Water assets in Cities and provide virtual representations of Resilience in Cities.

Hydro Twinning and Climate Adaptation Study

HYDRO TWIN is our response to a Water Utility challenge for Big Data to Climate Adaptive Water Management issues a digital 24/7 water supply despite disruption triggered by climate change such as extreme weather events. This digital, self-learning replica of network assets and place improve accuracy of insights and forecasting and greater leeway for mitigating action. of Hydro Twin #1 was a first response to the thrown out by the Rivierenland, a Water Utility in the Netherlands. Ynformed and Royal HaskoningDHV are creating further versions which have the potential for huge socio-economic impact.

Join the winning team: Hydro Twin vs Extreme Weather

“Digital Twins are enabled by trends that all of us know, IoT, Artificial Intelligence, information exchange - all fueled by faster computing power.”

Niels Schallenberg, Global Director: Water Business Line | Royal HaskoningDHV

Investing in the Water Circuit of the Future

We are leading in partnering with startups and scaleups to create insights which are positively impacting liveability. H2i, Hal24k, Ynformed, Lanner and Ambiental. Digitisation is the key to creating inclusive, safe and resilient communities for all of society. We continue to invest in software, people and technology so that together with you we deliver a virtuous water cycle for smart places.

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