Fire safety & security

Your valuable property, buildings and processes must be protected. In the event of a fire, employees, visitors and clients must be able to evacuate the premises safely. Your valuable goods and raw materials must be protected against break-ins and your data servers against hackers.
Fire safety & security

Fire safety and security are closely connected for Royal HaskoningDHV. Our Fire Safety and Security consultants strike a balance between structural, MEP (mechanical, electrical and plumbing) and organisational measures. Costs, risks and (innovative) solutions are considered. The combination of these measures ensures a safe working environment for you, your employees and your property and, as a result, the continuity of your business processes.

Prevention or limiting the impact

Emergencies cannot always be prevented, but risks can always be significantly reduced. We combine a thorough risk assessment and a scenario analysis with comprehensive measures. Of course we take account of the current laws and regulations.

Depending on your query, our consultants draw up fire safety and security plans, test the design or inspect the situation in question. We also use our specialist knowledge of fire protection systems to design, assess or modify specific systems, such as sprinkler, water mist, gas extinguishing systems, fire detection and evacuation alarm systems or pressure relief and smoke and heat removal systems.

Reliable and up-to-date knowledge

Royal HaskoningDHV is a certified partner of the (Dutch) Certification Body for Fire Protection and Security. Our consultants and designers therefore always keep abreast of the latest developments and are able to draw up comprehensive fire safety plans and design specifications documents (DSD, previously schedule of requirements) for any fire detection and evacuation alarm system, fixed fire-extinguishing system and smoke control system and formulate security-related questions concerning the storage of dangerous substances (Publication Series on Dangerous Substances).
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