The ambition of the Zoetermeer City Council is to develop built areas with varying functions, including leisure facilities and Greentech facilities, in the area between Bleiswijk and Zoetermeer.

This area currently houses a length of railway running from the Hague to Gouda, and a length of the highway A12. Plans have been drawn up to develop real estate on either side of these infrastructural works, with the transportation hub being the central link to the rest of the Randstad.

The hub forms the starting point for the proposed developments in the Bleiswijk-Zoetermeer master plan. The vision for the Transport Hub Bleizo is not only that it be beautiful, but also function efficiently, so that visitors can easily find their way through the building.

To achieve this, the design is split into two bridges over the A12 and railway, between which room is made for a transfer hall. The design is made in collaboration with Zwarts & Jansma Architects.

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Client ProRail
The Netherlands
Expertise  Architecture
Team Kirsten Colenbrander, Richard van den Brule i.s.m. MEI architecten

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