A cheese producer in the Netherlands is benefitting from our support to troubleshoot and optimise its waste water treatment operations while we draw up plans for a new robust and sustainable plant. Our client had built a new production site next to their existing cheese factory to expand production. They needed a new waste water treatment plant fit for the 21st century, which met their corporate sustainability commitments.

While discussing the new plant, we discovered they had problems operating their existing treatment plant, raising the cost of effluent disposal and jeopardising operations. We are helping them stabilise and optimise their existing operations by transferring our vast knowledge in industrial water treatment to their team. With the BioWatch service, our experts analyse sludge samples from their aerobic wastewater treatment reactor as well as operational (lab/SCADA) data. This allows us to advise our client on how to best operate the wastewater treatment plant, for instance on oxygen levels, flow rates, sludge load and other parameters to improve and stabilise processing capabilities so costs for disposal are greatly reduced.

“What was special about our solution was that while discussing the new plant, we quickly identified low hanging fruit to benefit our client now. By making sure the existing operation is functioning as well as it can, we can save our client money,” explained Niels Tiemessen, process engineer for industrial water treatment. “Our added value is that we can design a robust and sustainable new system but we also have considerable knowledge and insight in how to operate the old one.”

One of the options for the new plant is our Nereda® technology which delivers high quality effluent using no chemicals, while requiring less space and energy than conventional installations.