Day to day management of the team; ensure the right working conditions; take lead in operations to achieve AG budget and other targeted organizational criteria.
Develop and maintain a sound plan of organization. Execute maintain and /or develop work procedures, coordinate/promote QHSE control activities (compliance with Local, state, corporate regulations and laws governing business operations.
Assess capacity and development requirements, set up project teams and ensure a good utilization of all employees. Liaise with other AG’s in India on capacity planning and staff exchange. Support the selection, recruitment, development and staffing of adequate and equitable personnel
Work with staff in Water AG and JV partner in delivering the projects in timely manner and without compromising on quality.
Coordinating with clients during client management
Generate sales, follow market development in India/other countries, Develop and nurture client relationships (for both external and internal clients), open leads and prepare sound project proposals
Develop short-term, mid-term and long-term plans and budgets; e.g. AG annual budget, business plan, improvement plans.
Lead Projects to ensure that project scope and budget are properly assessed and prepared, and those projects are competed timely within budget and according to quality standards. Fulfill the role of Proposal Manager, Project manager or Project Director as and when needed.
Lead and support design work (actual designing when required). Executed and /or coordinate overall review of design to ensure quality of deliverables.
Appraise and evaluate the results of projects/operations regularly and systematically and reports these results to the DAG.
Any other tasks assigned by BL management/DAG/DBU