When our client asked us to optimise the design of a new cold storage facility in Russia, we came up with an unexpected solution and saved the company considerable investment.

Cold store not needed if supply chain optimised

To gain a complete understanding of the supply chain of our client, which provides integrated distribution services all over the world, we inventarised the chain first. Then we used parametric design, enabling various scenarios to be considered. The conclusion we reached was that no cold store was needed. Instead, by organising the supply chain differently, our client could rely on cold storage within the chain, transferring goods directly from refrigerated transport onto distribution trucks. The solution was a clear win for our client, saving considerable unnecessary investment in cold store facilities.

"Thinking out of the box enabled us to look at the question from another angle which resulted in a completely different and quite surprising solution to what our client had expected," said Patrick Ramakers, Business Development and Associate Director, Global Manufacturing and Supply Chain Projects.