A tailor-made design solution for our multinational client’s industrial buildings in the Middle East reduces operating expenditure with minimal or no impact on capital costs. Our client, which produces a wide range of specialist technical products for industry and consumers, is undertaking a rapid expansion programme across the Middle East.

Significant energy savings

What was special about our solution was that we were able to improve on the company’s international design standards for its factories and buildings to deliver more efficient air conditioning. We drew on our experience of local conditions and global knowledge of best practice to create a design that results in significant energy savings at minimal or no additional cost.

“Beyond expectation, we came up with solutions to change the company’s common practice. In doing so, we proved that we go the extra mile to tailor our solutions. It would have been easy to follow the company’s standards, but while their solution makes sense in Europe, it was less efficient in the high temperature environment in the Middle East,” explained Darryl Tjin Wong Joe, Technical Director Buildings and Industry Middle East, North Africa and Turkey.

Trusted partner for Middle East expansion

From the success of the initial project, we are now working closely with our client on their expansion programme, which has included new sites across the Middle East as well as the company’s Egyptian headquarters. Our involvement spans master planning and conceptual design, through detailed design and tendering, to construction management and project supervision. Good communication and the high level expertise we provide on projects strengthens the relationship.