A pro-active approach in the role of in-house consultant for a global beverage manufacturer is identifying smart innovations for our client that require little or no extra investment.Our client’s manufacturing activities benefit from the knowledge and trust established during a succession of well-executed projects across Asia, the Middle East and North Africa. The multinational company has a major expansion programme under way in these regions.

Communication and initiative to identify improvements

“What stands out in our partnership is good communication and the active role we play. Our client was looking for a partner who would identify potential improvements and use initiative to push things forward,” said Darryl Tjin Wong Joe, Technical Director Buildings and Industry Middle East, North Africa and Turkey. "We come up with solutions that do not necessarily cost more, but which are smart, effective and innovative for the region."

We first developed a close understanding of our client’s requirements when designing a massive new production site. We interacted extensively with multiple departments within their corporate organisation and gained knowledge and in-depth understanding of their needs and values. The design solutions and especially the sustainable solutions we implemented exceeded the company’s own design standards and were embraced by the global HQ.

Going above and beyond expectation

We have since updated the organisation’s regional design specifications for Asia, the Middle East and North Africa, delivering a result described as 'above and beyond expectation'. Now we are involved in new tenders and working on smaller design, expansion, renovation and supervision projects and we are exploring the possibilities of playing a consultancy role in company-wide facility and asset management.